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Ricardo Riojas – Life for pot received Compassionate Release on 2-10-21!

Huge congratulations to Ricardo and his family, especially his daughter, Cynthia who called CAN-DO’s president, Amy Povah after she got the wonderful news!  It could not have happened to a nicer man, nor one more deserving!

Please sign Ricardo Riojas’ Read the rest

Clemency recipient Chalana McFarland and her daughter Nia on PBS

Watch this extremely poignant segment on PBS entitled Mothers leaving prison encounter uphill battle as they try reconnecting with family that focuses on the reunification of Chalana McFarland and her daughter Nia, who were severed due to harsh mandatory sentences … Read the rest

PBS special about Charles “Duke” Tanner’s clemency miracle!

The ability to pardon criminals is a unique power of a president, one that can be politically motivated and often draws criticism. But as Reveal’s Michael Schiller explains, pardons can also change lives.

The CAN-DO Foundation advocated on behalf of … Read the rest

Michael Pelletier – Serving Life for Pot – CLEMENCY GRANTED 1/20/21

Michael Pelletier is Serving Life for Pot – Please sign his petition on

Paraplegic Michael Pelletier is serving LIFE for POTMichael Pelletier, #11109-036
Date of birth:
Offense:  Conspiracy to Import and Distribute Marijuana
Sentence: Life without parole
Incarcerated Since: 2006
Served: 14 … Read the rest

Lavonne Roach – 30 Years – CLEMENCY GRANTED 1/20/21

Please sign and share Lavonne’s petition seeking support for her clemency.


Lavonne Roach 10431-073
Age: 56
Race: Native American – Lakota Sioux
Children: 3 children and 7 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Meth
Sentence: 30 Years
Sentenced: 1997
Served: 23 … Read the rest

David Barren – Life reduced to 30 years – Clemency Granted – TWICE!!! This time it’s time served!


Please sign David Barren’s petition and share with your network.  Help us bring David home to his family.
David Barren’s sentence was commuted from LIFE to 30 years. This is shocking because so many men with multiple prior convictions … Read the rest

Chalana McFarland – 1st Offender – 30 years – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

Spoke to Chalana McFarland after she was released from Coleman.  We welcome every release even if it’s house arrest. We will still continue to advocate for her clemency.
Please sign Chalana’s petition

Name: Chalana McFarland #58892-019
Race:Read the rest

John Knock – Serving Life for Pot – Clemency Granted 1/20/21. Congrats Beth Curtis – Life for pot!

John Knock is serving Life for Pot!
Please sign his petition to raise awareness

John Knock #11150-017
First time offender

Raised: Nebraska
Tried: Florida
Will live: Philadelphia
Conspiracy to import, Conspiracy to distribute, Conspiracy to money … Read the rest

Corvain Cooper – Life for Pot Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

Please sign Corvain Cooper’s petition

Corvain Cooper, #643011-112
Age: 41
Children: 2 daughters
Residence: California 
Charges: Distributing Marijuana; Money Laundering;
Trial/Plea: Trial
Tried: Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte
Sentence: Life Without Parole
Incarcerated Since: 2014
Served:Read the rest

Adrianne Miller – 15 years – Clemency granted 1/20/21

Please sign Adrianne’s petition seeking clemency from President Trump
Adrianne Davis Miller #15437-002
Age: 42
Race: White
Raised: Montgomery, Alabama
Tried: Mobile Alabama
Will live: Mobile Alabama
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute a controlled substance / Conspiracy with … Read the rest

Ferrell Scott – LIFE for marijuana – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

Washington Post covers the story of Ferrell Scott’s shocking clemency denial!

Ferrell Scott in Raw Story


Name: Ferrell Damon Scott #27797177
DOB: January 2nd, 1963
Age: 56
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Children: Skyler Scott, Serrell Scott, and Shamaiya Scott… Read the rest

Michael Harris – 19 years 7 months – Clemency Granted 1/20/21

Please sign Michael’s change petition.
Michael Ray Harris
DOB: 9/20/61
Age: 58
Raised: Los Angeles, California
Tried: California
Will live: California
Children: 2
Charges: District Court Case No: 8800972(B)-WJR; Count 1: 21 U.S.C 846 (conspiracy to Possess with … Read the rest

Andy Cox – Life for Pot is NOW FREE due to Compassionate release!

Andy Cox was Serving Life for Pot and walked out of prison on 1/6/20. We are elated for Andy and his family!!! 

Please sign Andy Cox’s petition

Name: Andrew Cox, #89487-020
Children: 3
Born and Raised: Vero … Read the rest

Michael “Meeko” Thompson – 60 years for pot – Michigan received clemency from Michigan Gov Whitmer on 12/22/20



Name: Michael “Meeko” Thompson
DOB: 4/19/51
Race: Black
Age: 69
Children: 1 deceased 4 alive
Grandchildren: 6
Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and Gun Charges
Served: 26 years
Length of sent:Read the rest

Marcus Paige – 1st Offender – 25 years – NOW FREE due to Compassionate release filed by John Albanes through FAMM/NACDL clearing house!

Washington Examiner focuses on the compelling case of Marcus Paige supported by his uncle and NFL former football player Anthony Paige.

Name: Marcus A Paige #34614007
Age: 41
Race: Black Male
Raised: Washington, DC
Tried: Washington, DC… Read the rest

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