Month: October 2014

Lavonne Roach – 30 Years – CLEMENCY GRANTED 1/20/21

Congratulations to Lavonne Roach who is NOW FREE!  We met up in Las Vegas for a huge hug and to celebrate with her amazing daughter Clarissa who worked hard to help bring her mother home.


Lavonne Roach 10431-073
Age: 56… Read the rest

John Knock – Serving Life for Pot – Clemency Granted 1/20/21. Congrats Beth Curtis – Life for pot!

Congratulations to John Knock who was serving Life for Pot!

He is NOW FREE and HOME with his loved ones! 

John Knock #11150-017
First time offender

Raised: Nebraska
Tried: Florida
Will live: Philadelphia
Conspiracy to import, Conspiracy … Read the rest

Alice Marie Johnson – FREE AT LAST – LIFE sent commuted!

CAN-DO Foundation is elated that Kim Kardashian met with President Trump on May 30th, Alice Johnson’s birthday, to discuss her case.  It’s our hope that others in a position of power will consider propping up additional cases of individuals worthy … Read the rest

Welcome to CAN-DO: Justice Through Clemency


Welcome to CAN-DO: justice through clemency

CANDO is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders. CAN-DO has access to numerous cases, many of which are presented on … Read the rest

RIP: Ramona Brant received clemency on 12/18/15, set FREE on 2/2/2016 and tragically passed 2/25/18

 WATCH RAMONA WALK FREE AFTER 21 YEARS!  CAN-DO teamed up Ramona with Casey Tolan of Fusion who wrote about her story and shot this video.

Ramona Brant FreeRamona Brant who was #3 on CAN-DOs Top 25 Women received clemency from President Obama. Read the rest

Danielle Metz – Serving Life – Received CLEMENCY on 8/30/16

For Gleneisha Hayter, (Danielle’s daughter) Carl Jr. (Danielle’s son) Adrian Bernard, (Danielle’s sister) and Barbara (Danielle’s mom) and all her friends, family, advocates and loved ones, the nightmare is OVER!  Danielle and her family are overjoyed to finally receive the … Read the rest

Josephine Ledezma – Life – CLEMENCY on 8/5/16

Josie’s long journey of suffering finally come to an end.  She was told by her case manager that her sentence had been commuted by President Obama.

Josephine was #3 on CAN-DO’s Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency.   CAN-DO Founder Amy … Read the rest

Angie Jenkins – Serving 30 Years Received Clemency

Angie Jenkins, #10 on the Top 25 Women Received Clemency on 12/18/2015.  We are so happy for Angie and her family. Angie was featured in this article in Truth on 9/11/2015 entitled: Mothers Serving Long-Term Drug Sentences Call for Read the rest

Pauline Kay Blake – 24 Years Received CLEMENCY on 08/03/16!!!

Pauline Blake – #15 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women, received CLEMENCY from President Obama on August 3, 2016.

On Sept. 1st, Milena Nelson Blake of the Stanford Project picked Pauline up, took her shopping and then took her to … Read the rest

Congrats to Cynthia Shank – 15 Years – Received Clemency on 11/22/16

CAN-DO received a phone call from Rudy Valdez, Cindy’s brother that his sister received clemency this morning(11/22/2016) – before the list was released.  We are elated because we have been communicating with Rudy and Cindy for many years now – … Read the rest

Paul Free – Serving Life For Pot – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 – NOW FREE!!!

Best news ever – Paul Free walked out of prison on April 29, 2019. Congratulations Paul!  Halfway house is not exactly “free” but it’s a great step and Paul is grinning from ear to ear!


Read the rest

Mandy Martinson – 15 Years – Received Clemency 12/16/16

Congratulations to Mandy Martinson who received clemency from a 15 year sentence!


Mandy Martinson
Age: 37
Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Meth
Priors: First Offense
Sentence: 15 years
Served: 12 years
Sentenced: 2005
Release Date: 10/21/2017 – due for release to … Read the rest

Sign Our Petition Urging President Obama to Free the Top 25


The Top 25 Women Deserving Presidential Clemency is a list of extraordinarily worthy women whose time in federal prison should end.

Ramona Brant, Sharanda Jones, Josephine Ledezma, and so many more are now free! Lets bring … Read the rest

Men Deserving Clemency – Larry Duke – Life for Pot – NOW FREE

Larry Duke was released from serving Life for Pot on March 5th, 2014 for Compassionate Release.


larry_duke_cd_lgLARRY RONALD DUKE, 40734-019

Offense: Two counts, both 846’s Count(1). Conspiracy (2). Attempt
Sentence: Life Without Parole … Read the rest

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