Month: May 2016

Diana Marquez – 1st Time Offender – 30 years for Marijuana – NOW FREE!

Diane Marquez

Exciting update – Diana Marquez was called in to the halfway house on 12/28 to have her ankle monitor removed! Her compassionate release was granted on 12/21 by Judge Briones, docketed on 12/27 and as of today she no longer … Read the rest

Angela Wright – 30 years – Compassionate Release – NOW FREE!

Angela Wright

Congratulations Angela Wright! We are so happy you are now free! 

Please sign Angela Wright’s clemency petition:
Name: Angela C. Wright #: 12118-017
DOB: 1/1/1977
Age: 44
Marital Status: Single
Children: One son, Brad Moore, Jr.
Sentence: 30 years, 4 … Read the rest

CAN-DO Foundation has a Movement Page on!!!

The CAN-DO Foundation and have organized a massive clemency “movement” page, where many of our clemency applicants have an active petition on  This has been an invaluable tool for anyone seeking support for a pending clemency petition.  … Read the rest

4 CAN-DO Members Granted Clemency 5/5/2016

CAN-DO congratulates everyone on the list – especially Michelle Miles who was #13 on the CAN-DO Top 25

Women, plus Trevis Love, who sent the following email to Malik King – the CAN-DO prison outreach coordinator.

“Amy and you sent Read the rest

Amy Povah in Reason Magazine on Drug Conspiracy Cases

Amy Povah started CAN-DO to not only promote and spotlight people seeking clemency, she included her white housedesire to educate the public about the conspiracy law in the CAN-DO mission statement.  It hasn’t been easy because reporters typically have never heard … Read the rest

Clemency Recipient Trevis Love Credits CAN-DO!

According to clemency recipient Trevis Love, “Amy and you [Malik King] sent a very important email out back in early April that really motivated me and got a new fire lit in me and lots of the guys here at Read the rest

CAN-DO Influenced Three Articles on Conspiracy Laws: Reason, Huffpost and The Kind

Three informative articles were published this week that focused on conspiracy laws which has been part of the CAN-DO mission statement.  All three articles went live over the course of seven days, as follows:

FIRST ARTICLE in Reason: by Lauren … Read the rest

Celebs and Clemency Recipients Speak on Capitol Hill, including CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah

The Leadership Conference, ACLU and #CUT50 partnered for a spectacular day on Capitol Hill, March 31st, to lobby for The Fair Sentencing and Corrections Act of 2015.  Listen to speeches by celebs and a panel discussion moderated by Van Jones … Read the rest

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks about the Fair Sentencing Act of 2015

CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah goes to Capitol Hill 

Liz Warren

On April 28th, Amy Povah of CAN-DO joined ranks with members of other organizations, including The Leadership Conference, ACLU and #cut50; an initiative of Van Jones’ Dream Corps.  Together they walked the … Read the rest

U.S. v Amy Ralston Pofahl (Povah)

The Conspiracy Case Against Amy Ralston Pofahl

Amy Ralston Pofahl – (now Povah) was indicted, tried and convicted by the federal government in Waco, Texas in 1991.  Amy was assigned a court appointed attorney whose only interest was to solicit … Read the rest

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