Top 25 Men

CAN-DO Top 25 Men who deserve clemency.

Charles “Eddy” Lepp – 10 years for pot – NOW FREE!

eddyleppEddy was #15 on the Top 25 is now free and engaged to marry his true love, Heidi Grossman. Congratulations to the happy and lucky couple!

Name: Charles “Eddy” Lepp  #90157-011
Age: 63
Charge: Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana
Sentence: 10 … Read the rest

Lazaro Moreno – LIFE for POT – Received Clemency on 1/17/16

lorenzo-moreno-onlyName: Lazaro Moreno
DOB: April 3,1963
Race: Hispanic
Marital Status: Divorced
Age: 58 yrs old
Children: Two daughters- ages 32 and 26
Grandchildren: One grandson(13), One granddaughter(10)
State raised: Texas
State Charged: Texas
Will live: Mission, Texas
Charges: 1000 kilo … Read the rest

Moe Foley – 27.5 years for pot – NOW FREE!

Maurice Foley 

Maurice “Moe” Foley, #20211-068
Offense:  Conspiracy to distribute 700 – 1000 kilos of marijuana, plus 5 years for owning a gun which was locked in a safe
Sentence: 27 1/2 years
Incarcerated Since: 2003
Priors: juvenile offense for … Read the rest

Men Deserving Clemency – Larry Duke – Life for Pot – NOW FREE

Larry Duke was released from serving Life for Pot on March 5th, 2014 for Compassionate Release.


larry_duke_cd_lgLARRY RONALD DUKE, 40734-019

Offense: Two counts, both 846’s Count(1). Conspiracy (2). Attempt
Sentence: Life Without Parole … Read the rest

George Martorano Is Now Free!

On October 5, 2015 George Martorano was released from prison after serving 32 long years in federal prison!” CAN-DO’s Amy Povah talked to George on 10/7 and heard all about his first meal of every Italian dish he ever … Read the rest

Larry Cason – 20 years is NOW FREE!

Congrats to Larry who is now home!
Larry Eugene Cason, Jr
DOB: March 2,1976
Marital Status: Single
Children: 2 (daughters)
State raised: North Carolina
State Indicted: North Carolina
Charge:  Possession with intent to distribute
Sentence: 20 years imprisonment and … Read the rest

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