Shawn Leo Barth – 26.8 Years for Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine

Name: Shawn Leo Barth, Reg. #08470-059
DOB: December 13, 1970.
Race: White.
Raised: Bismarck, ND.
Tried:  District of North Dakota.
Will live: Mandan, ND.
Charges: Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine – (21 USC § 841(a)(1) & 846; Possession of Firearm – 18 USC 924(c)(1)(A) .
Trial or plea: Trial.
Sentenced on: March 22, 2004, to LIFE, Received Clemency & his sentence was reduced to 26.8 years.
Priors: A few – addiction related.
Prison Conduct: Exemplary.
Clemency status:  Pending – C284097.
Release date: March 25, 2026.
Institution: FPC Yankton, Yankton, South Dakota.
Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Lisa Jacobi.
Health issues: None

  • Many Courses Completed.

According to Shawn:
I am seeking clemency because I have been incarcerated for 20 years, and while I am most grateful for being granted Clemency from my original LIFE sentence in 2016, I wish to express that I am still doing well, and still taking rehabilitative courses to better myself.

I did just finish a money smart class that’s not on the progress report; and another one called greatest generation.  The most important thing I finished since I received Clemency in 2016 was, I finished RDAP, and the year follow up from RDAP; and I did Non-Residential Drug treatment again for the 2nd time. I did the 1st one in 2016, and they let me do it again here. I started it and finished it after I completed RDAP…only reason I took it again was because it was new material since I took it last time. I never got one day off my sentence for taking RDAP, I took it because I wanted to learn new tools and I try and do everything I can to better myself and make me a better person for myself and my family.

I take my future and rehabilitation serious as you can see, I have continued my path since being granted Clemency. A lot of people who got clemency quit everything after they got it. I have taken lots of classes and programs.  I have also completed the Challenge program and stayed in the unit as a mentor for several years.  I was an education tutor, I’m on the Suicide Watch Team, I was on the Reentry Committee in Sandstone for 4 years, I taught several classes over the years of my incarceration, classes such as Beading, Model Building, Air Brush Class, Forklift Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Basic Driving Class, CDL Class. I wrote a program for inmates and run a Chronic Care Class for Recreation for Inmates with Chronic Care Issues.  I’ve done Personal Training thru Recreation; I’ve run an Abdominal Class for Recreation for several years. I done a Painting Apprenticeship and there is so much more. A lot is covered in the updated progress report. I have been a model inmate and have had only one incident report in 20 years and it was for sending a picture of me and to friends together as I was holding my clemency papers. It was a 300 series incident report, and I lost my phone for 24 hours. I’ve been to some tough prisons in my time; I started in USP Leavenworth, then was transferred to USP Florence, then to FCI Greenville, then FCI Pekin, then FCI Oxford, then FCI Sandstone, and then here to FPC Yankton. My prison record speaks for itself. I take my time serious, and I stay busy. Every institution I have been at I’m always the guy staff come to when they need something done like special projects and stuff.

I also bring to your attention that while President Obama granted me relief from a LIFE sentence to 322 months, I am also serving this exorbitant amount of time due to 21 USC § 851 enhanced penalties for two prior convictions.

Granted, I have many priors, and I know they look really bad, and I’m embarrassed.  Embarrassed because that is not who I am today, that was when I was as they say, “young and dumb” not to use it as an excuse, but to be real I was just that.  I am not that man today.

I am no longer a threat to society, and I am of the age where recidivism is low.  I am not the same person I was when I entered the Federal Bureau of Prisons 20 years ago.  My thinking is clear, and my mind is right and ready to enter society.  I believe I have paid my dues – and now more than ever, I know the greatest blessing of being granted clemency to time served is one I would never take for granted.

Release planHousing-If released on clemency, Mr. Barth has a loving and caring family who are committed to assisting him in a successful reentry to society.  He also has many friends in the community who plan to assist him as well.  Mr. Barth will reside with his parents in Mandan, ND.  Employment-Mr. Barth has guaranteed gainful employment immediately upon release with B&B Roofing, 2546 Sharps Loop, Bismarck, ND 58503.  Mr. Barth also has a standing offer of employment with Mitzel Homes, 2401 46th Avenue, SE, Suite 101, Mandan, ND 58554.  Medical-Mr. Barth plans to secure medical insurance through his employer.  Support Groups-Mr. Barth has investigated various support groups to help with his recovery.  He has learned that recovery is a lifelong process, yet he feels he has conquered all his addiction needs.  He wants to continue that road by surrounding himself with individuals that will help in that regard and hold him accountable.  He currently has a great Sponsor named Thomas Warner who has been a great support and friend for many years who is a big part of his recovery. Church/Community-Mr. Barth has bonded with two gentlemen from Serenity Village Community Church in Crystal, MN, who are a phone call away to support Mr. Barth.

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