Wayne Pray – LIFE for drug related charges

Name: Wayne Pray
Race: African American
Marital Status: Married
Age: 76 years old
Children: 13

  • State raised: Newark, New Jersey
  • State indicted: Newark, New Jersey
  • Will release: New Jersey.
  • Charges: Violating 21USC 848 (b) and (a) 21 USC 960 and 21 USC 846 and 841.
  • Length of sentence: Life without parole.
  • Time served: 36 years
  • Started sentence on: January 1990, arrested June 21, 1988.
  • Release date: N/A . No release date.
  • Priors: Uttering and publishing. Possession of an unlicensed handgun. Both resulted in probation
  • Forfeitures: Jewelry and one car.
  • Prison conduct: Exemplary
  • Clemency status: One submission under the Obama administration – denied.
  • Supporters: Former mayor of Newark New Jersey, Ken Gibson, curren mayor of Newark New Jersey Ras Baraka, president of the Newark chapter of the NAACP, Debra Gregory, 9 or 10 members of the Newark Police Department, ( see signed petition) Current members of the Newar Board of education Jack Donson, Representative of FEDCURE for the state of New York. Two former Wardens of FCI Otisville, Warden Blankensene and Warden Rackenwald. Numerous other supporters
  • Institution: FCI Otisville, Otisville New York
  • Health issues: High blood pressure, Acid Reflux, Intermittent episodes of Meniers’s disease, intermittent episodes of incontinence, Arthritis, Glaucoma, legally blind in the right eye ( see medical record in original petition)

  • Headed and chaired the NAACP’s Lewisburg branch
  • Over 60 odd Completed Program Certificates
  • Chaired what was purported to be the largest inmate based, staff approved program in the federal prison system.
  • Established the non-profit APFFC. ( Akbar’s Pray Foundation for Change)
  • Wrote several books that are a part of the curriculum in several Newark Public Schools.
  • Took a 5 day crash course for ” conflict resolution. “
  • Took a 6 month crash course on entrepreneurship, ( see original petition)

    Health Issue:
    Prostate condition, severe degenerative hip disease.
Wayne (Akbar) with family
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