Month: October 2018

Evelyn Bozon Pappa – 1st Offender – Serving LIFE is NOW FREE! Compassionate release!

Congratulations to Evelyn Bozon Pappas and her entire family, especially her daughter, but the entire family fought the good fight and won!  Special thanks to Jason Hernandez who was responsible for putting together a team of law students to assist
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Piotr Misiolek – 1st offense – 45 years for MDMA

Name: Piotr (Peter) Misiolek #21155-424
DOB: Oct. 19,1973
Race: white
Raised: Debica Poland from birth to 17yrs, then Chicago, IL from 17 years to date.
Tried:  Northern District of Ill.
Will live: Debica, Poland (after deportation)
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute … Read the rest

Gabriel David Gomez – 30 years for pot

Name: Gabriel David Gomez #21786051
DOB: 5/31/77
Age: 44
Race: White/Hispanic
Raised: State of New Mexico
Will live: Albuquerque, New Mexico with family
Charges: 21 U.S.C. sec. 846; 21 U.S.C. sec. 841(b)(1)(A) & 841(a)(1)(Conspiracy to Distribute a 1000 kilos or … Read the rest

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