Earlie Deacon Barber – Clemency Granted from a LIFE Sentence for a Drug Conspiracy


Huge congrats to Ms Yanes, his attorney, Adrianne Miller who begged me to take his case when I wasn’t taking anymore cases, Malik King who personally knew who Earlie Deacon Barber was and visited his mother and family many times, both Adrianne and Malik collected amazing support letters including letters from Angela Wright and Marcus Wright who had a case related to Earlie and wrote glowing letters, others wrote letters for employment, and influential people in the community who vouched for Earlie’s release.

Name: Earlie Deacon Barber, Reg. #07144-017
DOB: February 16
Race: Black
Raised: Alabama
Tried:  Northern District of Florida
Will live: Dothan, Alabama
Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine & Crack (21 USC § 841(1)(1) & § 846)
Trial or plea: Plead Guilty
Sentenced on: May 1, 2009
Prison Conduct: Exemplary
Clemency status:  Pending
Release date: None
Institution:  USP Hazelton, PO Box 2000,
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525
Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation
Health issues: High Blood Pressure; Anxiety



  • Earned GED
  • Completed over 50 rehabilitative programs

According to Earlie:  I’m 49 years old and currently at USP-Hazelton which is a high security institution. I maintain my sanity through the grace of God having faith that he will release me from this bondage, but I must prove I am worthy. I am serving a life sentence. May 1, 2023, I will have served 14 years. I am in a high security facility that is constantly on lockdown due to violence. I am maintaining by taking several First Step Act classes. This journey has truly opened my eyes, allowing me to shed light on who I am and who I have become. I recently applied for Life Connection – a program for all religions that prepares prisoners for re-entry in a number of ways. It’s an 18 month program with four phases and I will do all I can to better myself. Trials of life bring pain. Enduring that pain disciplines and trains you mentally. Pain makes a man think, and thinking makes a man wise due to the knowledge and wisdom earned through bad choices. Wisdom are the keys to a future peaceful life. Being incarcerated at USP Hazelton is a challenge because the institution is on lockdown all the time. But I don’t let that deter me from making the most of a bad situation. I spend my time exercising, reading my Bible, and working on projects I have planned for my reentry back into society. Freedom of choice and responsibility for one’s own actions are precious gifts. Self-reliance is not a question of what someone can do on your behalf, but what you can do for yourself. I spend my time working on me and every part of my day is a blessing from GOD. This time has given me an opportunity to learn certain things about yourself. I learned to step out on my own through individual initiatives, independence, and great self-reliance. I understand my destiny is in my hands. The future changes quickly into the past, at a controlled point called the present moment. I accept “FULL RESPONSIBILITY ” for both the successes and failures in my life. If I am not what I desire to be at this point, what I am is my compromise. I choose no longer to compromise with my undeveloped potential. I am the sum of the choices I have made, and I continue to choose daily. What I now put under close scrutiny is the value of each upcoming choice. Therein lies the quality of my future lifestyle. Will my future belong to the “old me” or the “new me”. My answer is the “new me” and how I look at my attitude toward personal growth. There are essential qualities one must possess, the qualities are: Persistence, planning, common sense, and showmanship. Proof that a man can change! Every life is full of opportunity. God had given us a world that nothing, but our own folly keeps from being paradise. Life is a lesson, and every lesson, regardless of where or what it occurs, is opportunity. By uncovering the power of a positive self-image, I learned to be brutally honest and with myself. As human beings we make mistakes, we deserve chances to correct them. Despite my current situation I am a valuable human being, I am one of a kind. How I feel about myself affects every aspect of my life. The more the positive the self-image, the more creative you become in your daily approach toward life. Most of my battles in life are not fought physically, but in the scope of mental images. Those possessing a strong self-image are able to place their own personality in complete harmony with those around them, enjoying every moment of their lives, treating people like people, regardless of race, creed, or color. Time waits for no one. Your future is exactly what you make it. I am on a journey to be productive in society. I suggest that you never look backwards, life is a forward impulse, and the past is gone. Living in the past means clinging to non-productive attitudes and remaining in situations that hinder your personal growth, and development. The world is large, with much to learn and a lot to experience. I am looking for change daily, how you generate change, what you do with change, and how you react to it determine whether you grow or stagnate. As I face change, constantly turning to God’s unchanging word to give my life a rock-solid foundation and direction.
Last but not least, my children need their father!  I have 6 children and 2 grand-babies.  My mother is a senior citizen, my father can’t walk, and my mother has to assist my father with daily activities; it’s just too much for her.  They remain and are holding on strong through GOD and prayer. They need me in the free world to be there for them.  I want to say that I accept full responsibility for my actions and when I’m released, I want to speak to the youth in the community that I grew up in, in Dothan, Alabama and share my experiences with them and the consequences of making bad decisions.

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