Piotr Misiolek – 1st offense – 45 years for MDMA

Name: Piotr (Peter) Misiolek #21155-424
DOB: Oct. 19,1973
Race: white
Raised: Debica Poland from birth to 17yrs, then Chicago, IL from 17 years to date.
Tried:  Northern District of Ill.
Will live: Debica, Poland (after deportation)
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute ecstasy; conspiracy to money laundering; conspiracy to transport and sell stolen vehicles;
Trial or plea: Pled guilty – pressured and family ran out of funds.
Sentence: 45 years
1st count 20 yrs, 2nd count 20 yrs, 3rd count 5 yrs run consecutive = 45 years
Sentenced on: June 19, 2008
Served: 15 years
Priors: First Offender
Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports, programs and works
Clemency status: Jan. 2017 denied by President Obama.   Refiled Sep.2018 and pending
Clemency case #C282054
Release date: July 14, 2043

Piotr’s art entitled “Twins”

Institution: FCI Raybrook
128 Raybrook Road
Raybrook, NY 12977
Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Dance Safe
Health issues: NONE

Accomplishments: 36 programs FBOP,

  • Drug program, member of The Creative Art Society
  • over 90 oil paintings, some of them on www.fineartamerica.com/piotr misiolek

According to Piotr:

In 2003 at the age of 29 years old I was arrested for a non-violent crime. The federal government charged me with a conspiracy involving MDMA “Ecstasy”. My conspiracy did not simply begin with me being involved in distributing ecstasy. I started out as a weekend user, and that escalated to distribution.

I eventually entered a pea of “guilty” to the charges, knowing I committed a crime so I accept responsibility for my actions.  June 19 , 2008 was the worst day of my life because the Federal Sentencing Judge imposed a sentence of 45 years even though I pled guilty.   Initially I was shocked. When I accepted the plea I understood I would receive about 10 years. My life, family, and dreams were forever shattered on that warm summer day. I was heart broken.

I am a first time non-violent offender and the only way I might reclaim my life is if President Trump finds me worthy of his mercy.
During my incarceration I have completed numerous rehabilitative programs. In over 13 years I have never been issued a disciplinary report. My goal has always been to prove that I am worthy of a second chance to reclaim my life.

I also learned to oil paint. My goal is to take my talent to the street doing great things with it. I have plans to start more art with photography and I’ll work in the studio of my friend, in Poland and work in the photo industry.  This is my passion. I have plans to volunteer to work for non profit organization, help people in need. I support one organization for past 6 years by sending donations (www.WOSP.org.pl). I have more plans and I know I will finalize them by hard work and dedication. It won’t be easy, but I am ready.

I have 3 nieces, and 1 nephew. I would like to teach them (and other children) to paint and know them better.  I have never met some of my newest family members.  The most important thing in my life is taking care of my parents and being the son I was meant to be. My father is 81 years old, and my mother is 76 years old. My decisions hurt them and I pray for the opportunity to be the son they deserved and expected, as well as the brother, and uncle I was meant to be.

Life has much to offer. I realize that there is nothing more important than freedom and family. After reading a book by Paul Kalanithi “When Breath Become Air” I started thinking about how to change my life to become meaningful. This book change my thinking about life.  I just pray I get a chance to reach my potential and apply all I have learned on this journey.

If given clemency by President Trump I would forever value his mercy. He will never regret it.

Release plan:

I will be deported to Poland and will live with my parents until I can afford to move into a place of my own. I have wonderful, loving family members who miss me and I yearn to reunited with them.  My immigration attorney’s name is Ben Tonkin – he can be reached at this email to verify this information. bentonkin@gmail.com

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