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Federal Sentencing Review explores Obama’s clemency initiative

Doug Berman’s Federal Sentencing Reporter, together with Vera Institute engaged in an in-depth review of President Obama’s Clemency Initiative.

CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah was asked to write about the “women” who received clemency from President Obama, or lack thereof.  Sadly, … Read the rest

Huffpost: “Criminal Justice System’s War on Women”

Clinton-era clemency recipient Amy Ralston Povah is profiled in the following Huffpost article regarding women suffering from overly harsh ‘Department of Justice’ policies:
What often goes unreported and frighteningly unnoticed is the war the administration is waging on women through

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Huffpost Op Ed: We Must Reduce Mass Incarceration in the U.S., Not Escalate It

Huffpost contributor, Amy Povah weighs in on Sessions’ directive that will take this nation
back to the Dark Ages of the 90s “dumb on crime,” era.  Read the entire Huffpost Op Ed…




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Washington Post, NY Post, NY Daily News, Fox News, Dallas Morning News quotes CAN-DO about Carol Richardson

CAN-DO issued a statement on Friday, June 8th regarding Carol Richardson’s recidivism that was reported widely by the press. Fortunately, we provided some insights that balanced some of tone and tenor of the comments provided by her prosecutor and judge. … Read the rest

CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah in The Hill Pushing CJ Reform

CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah is taking on Senator Tom Cotton because he’s holding up a bipartisan bill for criminal justice reform entitled The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015.  Senator Cotton is from Amy’s home state of Arkansas … Read the rest

Huffpost Op Ed on Federal Halfway House Closures

Due to hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls from prisoners panicking due to halfway house closures, CAN-DO conducted a survey and the results were worse than we expected.  Even prisoners who were leaving the very next day have had … Read the rest

The irony of David Barren’s clemency in Reason…

CAN-DO Vice President Anrica Caldwell worked with C.J. Ciarmella, a reporter for Reason to delve into the ironic nature of her fiancé, David Barren’s clemency:

“I’ve been commuted,” he told Caldwell in a flat voice, before pausing to take a … Read the rest

Huffpost – Clemency was not wasted on Carol Richardson and here’s why

The CAN-DO Foundation supported Carol Richardson’s clemency.  She was #8 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women that deserved clemency.  Her relapse is the perfect example why we believe that addiction is a medical issue, not a criminal issue.  There is … Read the rest

Huffpost: Still a man’s world…especially for clemency

Published 01/12/2017 03:39 pm ET |


An alarming number of women, including first offenders have been denied clemency even if they fit all the criteria laid out by the Obama admin-istration, such as Lori Kavitz, Melissa Trigg and many more. … Read the rest

Ferrell Scott and Craig Cesal in Washington Post

On the heels of a list of clemency denials released by the Dept of Justice, on November 29, 2016, reporters reached out to CAN-DO seeking information about select individuals that sent shock waves through the prisoner advocacy organizations, such as … Read the rest

Reason tackles the conspiracy law using case of CAN-DO President, Amy Povah

CAN-DO President Amy Povah was the focal point of an article in Reason that used her case as an example to emphasize what is wrong with this nation’s conspiracy laws and why there should be more scrutiny and oversight.  … Read the rest

Washington Post – Joy to the lucky and anguish to the disappointed

“It was a great day for those who won the lottery and one more disappointment for everyone in the pipeline who should be on the list,” said Amy Povah, a former inmate and the founder of the CAN-DO Foundation, a … Read the rest

Life of the Law focuses on “Clemency”

A student at Columbia Journalism school, Shandukani Mulaudzi chose to write about the 2014 Initiative on Executive Clemency for her Masters project.  To learn more, she reached out to Clemency expert, Amy Ralston Povah for insight into the murky world … Read the rest

Amy Povah on Lions of Liberty podcast

Amy Povah was interviewed by John Odermatt for Lions of Liberty’s Felony Friday. She talked about her case, the conspiracy law, clemency and why we need more conspiracy cases scrutinized to understand the fundamental injustices and abuse that people … Read the rest

Malik King on Lions of Liberty podcast

Malik King was interviewed by John Odermatt of Lions of Liberty on April 14th for their segment called Felony Friday, about his communications with prisoners and the relationship he has garnered over the years that has made him a … Read the rest

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