Month: February 2017

Michelle West and William Underwood in Truthout

Victoria Law of Truthout focused on Michelle West, William Underwood and Leonard Pelletier who were championed by the media, clemency advocates, politicians and high profile celebs.  Most believe these people have already served far too many years in prison and … Read the rest

CAN-DO in the Outline – Post Clemency Intiative

The Outline featured several clemency recipients in an article by Marisa Aveling, including Schearean Means; #5 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women.

“I think clemency was Obama’s way of performing triage on the broken criminal justice system, and for … Read the rest

The irony of David Barren’s clemency in Reason…

CAN-DO Vice President Anrica Caldwell worked with C.J. Ciarmella, a reporter for Reason to delve into the ironic nature of her fiancé, David Barren’s clemency:

“I’ve been commuted,” he told Caldwell in a flat voice, before pausing to take a … Read the rest

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