Life of the Law focuses on “Clemency”

A student at Columbia Journalism school, Shandukani Mulaudzi chose to write about the 2014 Initiative on Executive Clemency for her Masters project.  To learn more, she reached out to Clemency expert, Amy Ralston Povah for insight into the murky world of who does and does not receive clemency.  Several emails and phone calls were exchanged over the course of eight months and ultimately, Shandukani interviewed clemency recipient Ramona Brant.  The audio version and transcript can be accessed on the Life of the Law site here.

Although Shandukani’s thesis was not published, it was a remarkable essay that captured the spirit of the pros and cons associated with the clemency process.  She interviewed numerous individuals and did a remarkable job that sets the stage for a future career in journalism that everyone will likely benefit from.


Clemency was reported by Shandukani Mulaudzi and edited by Ann Cooper with production support from Jonathan Hirsch, Nancy Mullane, and Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle.

Special thanks to Kerry Donahue, coordinator of the audio program at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Amy Povah of Can-Do Clemency for her support, and Romana Brant for sharing her story.

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