Month: November 2017

Washington Examiner quotes CAN-DO prisoners seeking mercy from Trump at Thanksgiving

A huge thank you to Steve Nelson at Washington Examiner for spotlighting three prisoners that CAN-DO advocates for – Michelle West serving double life, Michael Pelletier serving life for pot and Chad Marks serving 40 years.  These individuals deserve mercy … Read the rest

Rewire reveals additional burdens for women serving time

Special thanks to Victoria Law and REWIRE, for this in depth article:  “Women do not choose to have a period,” said Amy Povah, who spent nine years in a federal prison and is now the founder and director of … Read the rest

CAN-DO Survey! Federal halfway houses

Responding to outcry from prisoners who’ve been devastated by their half-way house dates being pushed back, (even the day before some were set to release) CAN-DO performed a survey to verify this is not happening to “only 1% of the … Read the rest

Alice Johnson and Kim Kardashian make a great team!

It just keeps getting bigger and better for Ms Alice Johnson!  Thank you Kim Kardashian for committing to help #FreeAlice!!!   To learn more about Alice Johnson please go to her profile page, filled with links and more.

Alice Marie … Read the rest

Vice reveals the truth about BOP’s failure to provide feminine hygiene products

Thanks in part to our CAN-DO survey, Vice wanted more information and went digging for the truth about BOP’s failure to comply with their own operations memo to provide free feminine hygiene products to prisoners, as promised.

Two and … Read the rest

Huffpost Op Ed on Federal Halfway House Closures

Due to hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls from prisoners panicking due to halfway house closures, CAN-DO conducted a survey and the results were worse than we expected.  Even prisoners who were leaving the very next day have had … Read the rest

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