Month: June 2017

Honoring Men in Prison on Father’s Day – Huffpost

This article was written in 2017. Most the men featured in the Huffpost tribute to men in prison for Father’s Day are NOW HOME, including but not limited to Michael Pelletier, Andy Cox, Tim Tyler, David Barren, Jimmy Romans, Robert … Read the rest

Conspiracy Law Expert – Amy Ralston Povah

Amy Povah (formerly Pofahl) has devoted most of her adult life educating the public and media about the conspiracy law because her story was the first to appear in a major, Conde Nast publication that shocked not only the public, … Read the rest

Washington Post, NY Post, NY Daily News, Fox News, Dallas Morning News quotes CAN-DO about Carol Richardson

CAN-DO issued a statement on Friday, June 8th regarding Carol Richardson’s recidivism that was reported widely by the press. Fortunately, we provided some insights that balanced some of tone and tenor of the comments provided by her prosecutor and judge. … Read the rest

Huffpost – Clemency was not wasted on Carol Richardson and here’s why

The CAN-DO Foundation supported Carol Richardson’s clemency.  She was #8 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women that deserved clemency.  Her relapse is the perfect example why we believe that addiction is a medical issue, not a criminal issue.  There is … Read the rest

28 Organizations Voice Concerns to House Oversight Committee: CJ Reform

CAN-DO Foundation plus 27 justice reform organizations signed the Justice Round Table letter that was sent to Capitol Hill for the Hearing on Criminal Justice and Efforts to Reduce Recidivism


June 28, 2017

The Honorable Trey Gowdy Chairman U.S.

Read the rest

Walter Johnson – Winner of EPIC “Meaning of Father’s Day” contest

Malik King – Founder of EPIC (End Prison Industrial Complex) conducted a contest among the male prisoners he corresponds with and asked them to write what Father’s Day meant to them.  Congratulations to Walter Tut Johnson, Maurice Navarro Brooks and Read the rest

Amy Ralston Pofahl received clemency on July 7, 2000 in SF Chronicle

When Amy Ralston Povah – then Pofahl, received clemency on July 7, 2000, she had no idea when she woke up that day that a 9 year, 3 month long nightmare was about to end. Neither did the prison staff … Read the rest

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