Washington Post, NY Post, NY Daily News, Fox News, Dallas Morning News quotes CAN-DO about Carol Richardson

CAN-DO issued a statement on Friday, June 8th regarding Carol Richardson’s recidivism that was reported widely by the press. Fortunately, we provided some insights that balanced some of tone and tenor of the comments provided by her prosecutor and judge.  Our position is that Carol does not belong in prison.  Her addiction is a medical issue and she needs access to a comprehensive drug rehabilitation program.  Links to articles are provided below:

Washington Post: Obama granted her clemency. Less than a year later, she’s going back to prison.

New York Post: Woman granted clemency by Obama gets sent back to prison

New York Daily News: Crack-dealing Texas grandma granted clemency by Obama back in prison

Fox News: Texas woman granted clemency by Obama last year back in prison


Dallas Morning News: Texas grandmother goes back to prison less than a year after Obama commuted her life sentence.

Daily Mail UK: Crack-addicted grandmother, 49, goes back to prison for repeatedly violating conditions of her release less than a year after President Obama commuted her life sentence

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