Month: July 2017

Federal Sentencing Review explores Obama’s clemency initiative

Doug Berman’s Federal Sentencing Reporter, together with Vera Institute engaged in an in-depth review of President Obama’s Clemency Initiative.

CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah was asked to write about the “women” who received clemency from President Obama, or lack thereof.  Sadly, … Read the rest

Huffpost: “Criminal Justice System’s War on Women”

Clinton-era clemency recipient Amy Ralston Povah is profiled in the following Huffpost article regarding women suffering from overly harsh ‘Department of Justice’ policies:
What often goes unreported and frighteningly unnoticed is the war the administration is waging on women through

Read the rest

Clemency favored men over women, even if they were repeat offenders

CAN-DO Foundation has done exhaustive research regarding who did and did not receive clemency from President Obama during his historic clemency initiative.  Our findings are rather shocking.

It’s no surprise that more men received clemency than women because they outnumber … Read the rest

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