Top 25 Women

CAN-DO Top 25 Women who deserve clemency.

Laura LaPaz – Goes free on 12/2/2019 due to First Step Act

Name: Laura LaPaz #30388-034
Age: 39
Race: White
Raised: Texas
Tried: Louisiana
Will live: Texas or California
Charges: Count 1-conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture of substance containing a detectable … Read the rest

Nicole Walker – 10 years – First Offender – NOW FREE released 12/18/19

nicole-01Name: Nicole Walker #12462-030
DOB: June 4, 1970
Race: White
Marital status: Single
Age: 49 years old
Children: 1 daughter and 1 grandson
Raised: Iowa
Charged: Southern District of Iowa
Charges: 1 count of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute meth… Read the rest

Nancy Ferneau – Serving 25 years is NOW FREE! Thanks to First Step Act – Compassionate release


Nancy has finally walked out of Carswell women’s medical facility and is with her family in Washington State!  We are absolutely thrilled that she made it out of prison, especially since she had so many ailments!
Please sign Nancy’s Read the rest

Mary Beth Looney – serving 42 years is NOW FREE thanks to First Step Act

Congratulations to Mary Beth Looney who received clemency on 12/19/16 but still had to serve 6 more years.  
Thanks to the First Step Act Mary Beth was released on 12/5/19 as was her husband Donald, “Dody”  Both received the Elderly Read the rest

Patricia Cooney – 1st Offender – 30 years – NOW FREE due to First Step Act!

Congratulations to Patricia Cooney, her daughter Jacqueline and her entire family who have welcomed Patricia home with open arms!

Name: Patricia Cooney #50662-004
DOB: 7-18-1953
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Age: 66
Children: One adult daughter and one adult son; … Read the rest

Karen Davis – 20 years is NOW FREE!

Karen Davis by herself

Congratulations to Karen Davis who is NOW FREE thanks to the First Step Act.

Name: Karen L. Davis # 40291-074
DOB: 5/12/71
Age: 48
Race: Black
Marital Status: Married.
Children : Seven children, Timothy Benford, Nathan Benford, Willie Davis, Jr., … Read the rest

Rhonda Turpin – 17 years – NOW FREE!


CANDO is elated to report that Rhonda  is NOW FREE.  She is an inspiration to so many and got extra good time due to First Step Act.

Name: Rhonda J. Turpin. #31460-060
Race: African American
Children: Two daughters; six grandchildren… Read the rest

Monique Horton – First Step Act Recipient – FREE AT LAST

Monique Horton received an immediate release on February 4, 2019 due to the First Step Act. She served 184 months (15 years) and was re-sentenced to 168 months so she served 1 year and 5 months more than the reduced … Read the rest

Catherine Toney – 20 years -Immediate release per FIRST STEP ACT!!!

Congratulations to Catherine Toney and her family!!!

Catherine, her daughter Brandy, and her granddaughter Channon, went to the White House and met President Trump on February 21st, for Black History Month. He introduced Katherine as the “First female to receive … Read the rest

Ezralee Kelley – 16 years – First Step Act

Ezralee Kelley’s public defender has filed a motion on her behalf and is waiting for a response from the Judge.

Name: Ezralee Kelley
DOB: 02/27/1976
Race: Native American & Mexican
Marital Status: Single
Age: 42
Children: 4
Raised: Washington state … Read the rest

Barbara Scrivner Receives Clemency – 12/17/14 – RIP



Although it’s LONG OVERDUE – we could not be happier to hear that someone so deserving was finally rewarded with leniency after serving 21 years!

Today, the Associated Press reported … Read the rest

Alice Marie Johnson – FREE AT LAST – LIFE sent commuted!

CAN-DO Foundation is elated that Kim Kardashian met with President Trump on May 30th, Alice Johnson’s birthday, to discuss her case.  It’s our hope that others in a position of power will consider propping up additional cases of individuals worthy … Read the rest

Danielle Metz – Serving Life – Received CLEMENCY on 8/30/16

For Gleneisha Hayter, (Danielle’s daughter) Carl Jr. (Danielle’s son) Adrian Bernard, (Danielle’s sister) and Barbara (Danielle’s mom) and all her friends, family, advocates and loved ones, the nightmare is OVER!  Danielle and her family are overjoyed to finally receive the … Read the rest

Josephine Ledezma – Life – CLEMENCY on 8/5/16

Josie’s long journey of suffering finally come to an end.  She was told by her case manager that her sentence had been commuted by President Obama.

Josephine was #3 on CAN-DO’s Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency.   CAN-DO Founder Amy … Read the rest

Angie Jenkins – Serving 30 Years Received Clemency

Angie Jenkins, #10 on the Top 25 Women Received Clemency on 12/18/2015.  We are so happy for Angie and her family. Angie was featured in this article in Truth on 9/11/2015 entitled: Mothers Serving Long-Term Drug Sentences Call for Read the rest

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