Top 25 Women

CAN-DO Top 25 Women who deserve clemency.

Adrianne Miller – 15 years – Clemency granted 1/20/21

Please sign Adrianne’s petition seeking clemency from President Trump
Adrianne Davis Miller #15437-002
Age: 42
Race: White
Raised: Montgomery, Alabama
Tried: Mobile Alabama
Will live: Mobile Alabama
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute a controlled substance / Conspiracy … Read the rest

Angela Wright – 30 years – Compassionate Release – NOW FREE!

Angela Wright

Congratulations Angela Wright! We are so happy you are now free! 

Please sign Angela Wright’s clemency petition:
Name: Angela C. Wright #: 12118-017
DOB: 1/1/1977
Age: 44
Marital Status: Single
Children: One son, Brad Moore, Jr.
Sentence: 30 years, 4 … Read the rest

Lenora Logan – Life reduced to 30 years- Immediate release on 8/13/20 Clemency on 10/21/20

lenora-skinnyName: Lenora Logan #11733-424
DOB: 10-21-60
Age: 59
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 11
Raised: Iowa
Will live: Joliet, IL
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and sell crack cocaine
Sentence:  LIFE reduced to 30 years on appeal and then resent 2 pt reduction … Read the rest

Phyllis Hood – 22 years – on home confinement

Phyllis hood

Happy that Phyllis Hood was released by the BOP to home confinement. Phyllis Hood – 28114-112
Age: 65
DOB: 10/24/1955
Race: White
Children: 1 son
Raised: Fontana, CA
Will Live:
Fontana, CA
Charge: Conspiracy to Traffic Meth;
Trial/plea:Read the rest

Elisa Castillo – 1st Offender – LIFE – NOW FREE due to compassionate release!

Please sign Elisa’s Clemency Petition.
elisa-castillo-02Elisa was released on May 30th due to compassionate release and is home with her family. We are overjoyed! 

Name: Elisa Castillo 67003-179
D.O.B: 7/13/1955
Race: Hispanic
Marital status: Widow
Age: 64
Children: 4 two … Read the rest

Shanita McKnight – 1st Offender – 20 years – released by BOP to home confinement


Although Shanita is on home confinement now, we are still vigorously advocating for her clemency!
Please sign and share Shanita’s clemency petition on Change

Name: Shanita McKnight #15537-171
DOB: 4/22/73
Race: African American
Martial status: Married
Age:Read the rest

Rashundria Burkes – 15 years 6 months sent to Home Confinement due to COVID-19

We are happy the BOP released Rashundria Burkes to home confinement for her safety! We are still pursuing #Clemency but gain comfort that she is safe at home with her family! 
Sign Rashundria Burkes petition seeking clemency. 

Name: Rashundria … Read the rest

Elizabeth Rushing – 1st Offender – 24 years – released early due to COVID-19

Please sign and share Elizabeth’s petition 

b_rushing_close-upExciting news for the Rushing family now that Liz is safe at home with her family.
Elizabeth Marie Rushing  #18715-056
DOB: 5/14/1966
Children: 1 daughter – she was 18 months old when … Read the rest

Crystal Munoz – serving 15 years for pot received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020

Crystal-03Congrats to Crystal Munoz and her husband Ricky Munoz – Mission Accomplished!!!

Crystal Munoz #79319-180
DOB: 06-19-1979
Age: 40
Children:  2 daughters
Race: Native American (Navajo)
Charge: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 1000 kilograms or more of marijuana… Read the rest

Judith Negron – 35 years – First offender received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020

Please sign Judith Negron’s petition

Name: Judith C. Negron #95719-004
Age: 48
Race: White (Hispanic)
Raised: Florida
Tried: Florida
Will Live: Florida
Charges: Initial Indictment: 1 Count of Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud
Superceeding Indictment with 24 counts … Read the rest

Tynice Hall – 28 years received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020

Please Sign Tynice Hall’s Petition
Name: Tynice Hall # 34596-177
DOB: 7/27/1983
Age: 36
Marital Status: Single
Children:  One son, Jonathan
Raised: Texas
Tried: Texas
Will Live: Lubbock, TX
Charge(s): Conspiracy to Distribute and Possession with Intent to Distribute … Read the rest

Santra Rucker – 13 life sentences reduced to 23 years – NOW FREE!!!

Santra Rucker #34932-083
Age 53
Race: Indigenous Black Woman
Children: Daughter – Kyndia Riley
Raised: Republic State of Maryland
Tried: Commonwealth of Virginia (Richmond)
Will live: Maryland
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams (Title 21 USC 846) … Read the rest

Tammie Francis – LIFE – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 walked out on 2/19/20 due to First Step Act!!!


Tammie fought for her freedom every day of her life sentence.  Even after First Step Act passed she had to file a motion and the prosecutor fought back, but she prevailed and is #NOWFREE! Tammie was #21 on the CAN-DO … Read the rest

Betty Jo Rains – 22 years – First Offense – NOW FREE due to First Step Act

Name: Betty Jo Rains #20446-017
Age: 60
Race: White
Raised: Florida
Case: Florida
Will live: Florida
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute more than 5 kilos of cocaine and possession of  firearms in the … Read the rest

Tanesha Bannister – 23 years – NOW FREE!!!

 We are pleased that Tanesha was set free on May 1st 2019 thanks to the First Step Act.   Congratulations to Tanesha and all her family.
Tanesha was introduce by President Trump at the 2020 President Summit at the historically black
Read the rest

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