Month: October 2017

CAN-DO Petition: Reduce Sentences of Incarcerated CA Firefighters is on FIRE!

CAN-DO has launched a new petition seeking clemency from Governor Brown for prisoners who risk life and limb to save the lives and homes of other California residents.  We are thrilled to see it gaining so much momentum because … Read the rest

CAN-DO endorses clemency for California female fire fighters who risk life and limb…

The CAN-DO Foundation believes that incarcerated female firefighters should receive clemency from Governor Brown for displaying extraordinary character in the face of dire circumstances.  Rehabilitation has long been an incentive to reduce a prison sentence and we can see no … Read the rest

BOP Report Card – Feminine Hygiene

Andrea James, founder of Families for Justice as Healing (FJAH) together with many formerly incarcerated women helped spearhead the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act of 2017. Andrea polled numerous women from the National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Read the rest

Prosecutors slammed for ‘lack of moral compass’…


Twice in recent years, chemists used by the state of Massachusetts to test drugs in criminal cases committed massive misconduct in their testing, affecting tens of thousands of cases. And twice, prosecutors in Massachusetts failed to act promptly to … Read the rest

Maurenne Griese – Program Director – Guardian Angels

Maurenne Griese is the Program Director over the CAN-DO Guardian Angel program.  Since the program’s launch, she has advocated for multiple clemency petitioners. Several of those petitioners received clemency from President Barack Obama during his last year in office.… Read the rest

Clothera White-Peak – First Offender – Life plus 25 years

Name: Clothera White-Peak #18114-018
DOB: 3/13/
Race: African American
Marital Status: Recently Divorced
Age: 49
Children: 1 son age 28 (7 at time of my incarceration)
Charges: Conspiracy to commit carjacking, to PWITD cocaine, (924(c)), obstruction of interstate commerce
Sentence:Read the rest

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