Now Free

CAN-DO Individuals who are now free. These people either completed their sentence or received clemency.

Mary Rose Ziman – 27 Years – NOW FREE!

Congratulations to Mary Ziman – she is finally free.  Her son Corey picked her up from FCI Greenville and here are the photos of her happy freedom day!

She had been hospitalized several times, blind in one eye – losing … Read the rest

Holly Dawn Moore – 1st Offender – 16 years is now free!

holly_flower Name: Holly Dawn Moore
DOB: 7/12/82
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Age: 34
Children:  One son, age 18 years old
Charge: Conspiracy to Robbery Affecting Commerce
Sentence: 16 years 4 months
Years Served to Date: 11 years
Date Sentence Read the rest

Rose Summers – 1st Offender – 24 Years is now free!

Rose Ella Summers – 20697-001
DOB: 9-11-70
Age: 47
Children: 1 son – Victor
Race: White
Raised: Grand Prarie, Texas
Tried: Dallas, Texas
Will live: Dallas, Texas
Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Meth and Money Laundering
Sentenced: May 7, 1997
Sentence:Read the rest

Lori Kavitz – 1st Offender – 24 Years IS NOW FREE!!!!

Lori Kavitz called CANDO from the airport in Orlando on May 16, 2018 – her freedom day! 

Sent. Judge Mark Bennett supports Lori’s clemency

lori_kavitz_clemency_lg Lori Kavitz 02310-029
Age: 57
Race: White
Children: 2 sons, 3 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy … Read the rest

Linda Byrnes – 27 years for pot – NOW FREE!

Linda walked out of federal prison on April 13, 2017 and is now in Kalamazoo Michigan!  Congratulations to Linda and her family – what a milestone!

linda 1Name: Linda Lee Byrnes – 68415-079
DOB: 7/6/46
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
State Read the rest

Minnie Pearl Thomas – Serving Life – received CLEMENCY on 08/03/16

Minnie Thomas is #5 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women was given the miracle of freedom on Aug 3, 2016 by President Obama.  

CAN-DO worked with Katina Smith to get a petition up supporting her mother’s clemency. The Denver … Read the rest

Irma Alred – serving 30 years for pot IS NOW FREE – DRUGS MINUS TWO


Irma Alred is NOW FREE – and called Amy Povah to say hello while she drives with her sister from Tallahassee to Corpus Christi, Texas to be with the rest of her family – the first person … Read the rest

Therese Crepeau is FREE at LAST – Thanks to Drugs Minus Two!

CAN-DO NEWS – 2 Point Reduction Really Helps Some Inmates!

Congratulations to Therese Crepeau, who walked out of prison today after serving 21 years on a 26 year sentence thanks to the  new 2 Point Reduction program..  We can’t wait … Read the rest

Andrea Asch – Free


Andrea Asch

On February 19, 1998 law enforcement entered Andrea’s home with a search warrant obtained and based upon the word of an informant who was facing an 85-year prison sentence. The “snitch” was guilty of being a major distributor … Read the rest

Elizabeth “Beth” Cronan is NOW FREE – Drugs Minus Two!

It’s a great day because so many people are being released from the half-way house and/or BOP due to the 2 pt reduction that Beth and others who were on the Top 25 Women who Deserve Clemency, such as Therese … Read the rest

Deniese Watts – #18 on Top 25 is NOW FREE!!!

Deniese Watts walked out of the BOP July 29th due to a motion filed that made her eligible for Drugs Minus Two.

Deniese was #18 on the Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency and very deserving – congratulations to Deniese Read the rest

Mariella Liggio – Free


Mariella Liggio

Mariella served a 20 year 7 month sentence for cocaine conspiracy. She was a licensed real estate agent, raising a son on her own. Between 1980 and 1989, Mariella worked for several real estate agencies, including Coldwell Banker … Read the rest

Debi Campbell – Free


Debi Campbell

Debi Campbell is serving a 19-year, 7 month sentence for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine. Debi does not claim to be completely innocent, but she was not the participant that the government’s informant made her out to be and … Read the rest

Vicki Flanagan – Free


Vicki Flanagan

Vicki Flanagan owned a successful accounting firm with 40 employees called Flanagan & Co. in Columbus, Georgia. Her problems began when her firm became the accountants for a rural, 40-bed hospital in Glenwood, Georgia known as Wheeler County … Read the rest

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