CAN-DO’s official statement regarding BOP Book memo

The CAN-DO Foundation has been notified (May 3) that the BOP has finally issued a statement regarding the BOP Book policy which will be suspended.  We are not convinced it has been “cancelled” so we wait to see what the … Read the rest

CAN-DO Foundation communicates directly with every prisoner on our site

Since 2000, Amy Ralston Povah, president and Founder of CAN-DO Foundation has advocated on behalf of others seeking justice through clemency.  The CAN-DO Foundation website does not collect or compile the information on this site by surfing the internet.  We … Read the rest

Welcome to CAN-DO: Justice Through Clemency


Welcome to CAN-DO: justice through clemency

CANDO is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders. CAN-DO has access to numerous cases, many of which are presented on … Read the rest

How to Enhance Your Chances for Clemency

Executive Clemency Petition in Malibu, CA

Tips Prisoners Can Use to Enhance Chances at an Executive Clemency Petition in Malibu, CA.

If you are going to file a clemency petition please do not re-hash the particulars of your case. This … Read the rest

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