Month: August 2021

High Times focuses on Pot Lifer Ismael Lira

Most Affected: Ismael Lira’s Family Torn Apart as a Cannabis Lifer

This edition of Most Affected focuses on Ismael Lira, whose family was torn apart by the war on drugs. Here is his tragic story.

Ismael Lira grew up in

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CAN-DO President Amy Ralston Povah on Rev Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation about CARES Act

Link below to an interview between Rev Al Sharpton and Amy Ralston Povah discussing the current state of affairs regarding the CARES Act and why the criminal justice reform community is up in arms about CARES Act prisoners left in … Read the rest

New York Post references three CAN-DO cases: “Biden ‘exploring’ clemency for federal drug crimes”


Biden ‘exploring’ clemency for federal drug crimes, Psaki says

WASHINGTON — President Biden is “exploring” the idea of granting clemency to people who are serving federal prison sentences for drug crimes, White House … Read the rest

Intercept focuses on marijuana offenders – Diana Marquez and Raquel Esquivel

DIANA MARQUEZ HAS spent the last 14 months going on long walks, hitting the treadmill, and cooking with her daughter. She’s gotten to know her grandson, a fourth grader, helping him with his math homework. She has also lived with

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Politico focuses on CARES Act and Rufus Rochelle – quotes CAN-DO





For weeks, the Biden administration has kept thousands of people in a state of panic by letting a single news report linger without formal denial or confirmation.

The report, published on July 19 by the New Read the rest

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