Sherry Walter – 20 years for Drug Conspiracy

Name : Sherry Ann Walter 
DOB:  7-24-1972
Race: White  
Age:  51
Children:  3
Grandchildren: 2
Raised:   Texas
State Indicted:  Texas 
Pled:  Guilty
Charges: Conspiracy with Intent to Distribute 
Sentence:  20 years
Served: 8 years
Started sentence: November 2015
Release Date: November 2035
Priors: Possession Under a Gram
Prison Conduct: Clear, community status
Clemency Status: Amended in April 2023  
Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation
Institution:  Carswell, FMC Camp
Landscape apprenticeship,
Drug Counseling
College Courses
Dog Trainer
60+ courses completed in BOP custody
Health Issues: bi-polar, Anxiety, shortness of breath, high blood pressure.

According to Sherry: 

I was addicted to meth and my addiction fueled my irrational decisions.  My desire to get high not only resulted in me using drugs, but also selling the very drugs I was addicted to.  I had convinced myself at the time that I was supporting my family, but I was actually making a selfish decision to satisfy my habit.  I see that I clearly now more than ever.  Looking back, my need to get high became a false reality and a way to escape my real issues.  The power and influence of Meth was controlling me.  My number one de3sire is the ability to be available and accessible to my children.  This is something I have been restricted from doing during my incarceration.  I have taken the time to look in the mirror and be 100 % honest with myself.  I realize what a shame and embarrassment my actions have caused my children and my family, and for that I am deeply sorry.  

Now that I am at the halfway point in my 20 year sentence, I find myself in a time of personal reflection.  I am not the same bitter and depressed individual I was eight years ago.  Today I am sober, focused, and determined to obtain the goals I have set for myself.  

In the course of my incarceration I have completed many hours of programming as well as a landscape apprenticeship.  I have also completed the Bureau’s 18 month Life Connections Program, which is a faith based program where I learned the importance of faith as well as compassion and understanding of my fellow man.  I consider these valuable tools for a successful future.  Prior to my incarceration, I participate4d in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured wildlife, specifically small mammals and birds.  Rescue and rehabilitation is my passion and I want to continue to work in this field upon my release.  In addition to caring for animals, I would like to put my skills and caring abilities toward working with people as well.  I am currently enrolled in a drug and alcohol treatment college course that I will in turn earn a certificate in.  My intention after completion of these courses and release from prison is to help people that struggle with addiction.  Even with my aspirations of helping others, I will unfortunately need to focus on my children as well.  I would have hoped that after losing their father to an overdose and my to a 20 year sentence, that the reality of addiction would have been furthest from their minds.  However, they have succumbed to their addictions as well.  I am hoping that with the skills that I have learned while incarcerated, I can share those with my children and others to try and sway them away from the powerful influence addiction can have.  I feel that the knowledge and personal experience that I have now will make me an asset as a drug treatment specialist.  

I am more than the sum of my mistakes, I am a woman and a mother, determined to meet any and all challenges that I might face.  I want to show society that I have learned how to help myself and I want to pass on those life skills to others.

I pray President Biden will find me worthy of mercy and give me a second chance to redeem myself and join my loving family that has also suffered for due to my incarceration.

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