Month: January 2021

Clemency recipient Chalana McFarland and her daughter Nia on PBS

Watch this extremely poignant segment on PBS entitled Mothers leaving prison encounter uphill battle as they try reconnecting with family that focuses on the reunification of Chalana McFarland and her daughter Nia, who were severed due to harsh mandatory sentences … Read the rest

PBS special about Charles “Duke” Tanner’s clemency miracle!

The ability to pardon criminals is a unique power of a president, one that can be politically motivated and often draws criticism. But as Reveal’s Michael Schiller explains, pardons can also change lives.

The CAN-DO Foundation advocated on behalf of … Read the rest

CAN-DO thanks President Trump – Press Release – congrats to several of our clemency candidates!

Multiple CAN-DO Foundation-Supported Prisoners Granted Clemency by President Trump and a FULL PARDON for CAN-DO’s President and Founder – Amy Ralston Povah

Washington, D.C., January 20, 2021.  

The CAN-DO Foundation thanks President Trump for providing a second chance to numerous … Read the rest

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