Month: June 2021

High Times featured Pot Lifer Pedro Moreno

Most Affected: Pedro Moreno is the Last Brother Still Incarcerated for a Family Pot Operation

Pedro Moreno deserves to gain clemency from prison after serving decades behind bars for a cannabis-related crime, while his four brothers were released in 2016.
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Home Confinement Detainees Remain in Limbo!


🏛 4500 released detainees may be sent back

[AFP / Chandan Khanna]

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the Federal Bureau of Prisons released 24,000 prisoners to serve their sentences in their homes. In yet

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New York Post spotlights 420 – asks CAN-DO for quotes from cannabis clemency candidates, Ismael Lira and Pedro Moreno

Ismael Lira and Pedro Moreno provided quotes to Steven Nelson regarding their hope for clemency under a Biden administration.

On 4/20, pot prisoners ask Biden to honor campaign pledge and free them

By Steven Nelson

Chad Mouton – 25 years for drugs

Chad Mouton #14244-035
Race: White
Married:  Yes
Age: 41 years old
Children: When married my wife had 2 daughters 2 and 3 yrs old. both in 20’s now. 2 step daughters.
State were I am from:  Louisiana.
Indicted: Louisiana
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