Month: September 2018

Rufus Rochelle – Serving 40 years Released on CARES Act on 4/24/20

Name: Rufus Rochelle #08628-017
DOB: 10-9-51
Age: 70
Race: Black
Raised: Florida
Tried: Northern District of Florida (Gainesville Division)
Will live: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of Crack and possession
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Frank Merold – LIFE – received compassionate release – now free!

Name: Frank L. Merold
DOB June 6, 1958
Age: 62
Race: White American
Raised: Southern California
Tried: Northern District of Florida, Gainesville.
Will live: Hollywood, Florida, upon release.
Trial or plea: Went to trial
Charges: Convicted of 1 Count of … Read the rest

Sign our petition to FREE ALL POT PRISONERS!

The CAN-DO Foundation has submitted a list of clemency candidates to the White House. One list was comprised solely of 22 people serving time for marijuana-only offenses.  Most of these individuals have already served over 10 years and Antonio … Read the rest

Corvain Cooper in OC Register – Will Trump save his life!

Barbara Tillis isn’t sure when she’ll get to see her son, Corvain Cooper, again.  (read the entire article here)

Every few months for the past four years, Tillis, has driven five hours with her husband, daughter and Cooper’s … Read the rest

Seth Cox – 25 years reduced to 21 years 10 months

Name: Seth Cox  # 13715-026
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
Age: 40
Children: 1 Daughter (age 17)
State Raised: Illinois
State Charged: Illinois
Will live: Illinois
Charge: Conspiracy to manufacture & possession with intent to distribute meth.
Sentence: Originally 300 … Read the rest

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