Month: July 2018

Charles “Duke” Tanner – 30 years – First offender – Clemency Granted on 10-21-20

The CAN-DO Foundation is thrilled that President Trump has granted clemency to Charles “Duke” Tanner so he can be reunited with his family, significant other, Rita Cushenberry, (a nurse) and son, Charles Tanner Jr.   Duke was an undefeated light, heavy … Read the rest

Richard Lynn – serving LIFE won a compassionate release – new outdate June 29, 2020!!!

Elated to speak to Dickie today after he walked out of USP Coleman and into the arms of family and friends.  Here is a photo of Dickie on DAY 1 of his new life!!! 
Richard “Dickie” Lynn
DOB: July … Read the rest

Brian Johnson – Life without parole – NOW FREE thanks for First Step Act

CAN-DO identified Brian as a First Step Recipient and he was interviewed by Cut50’s Louis L. Reed
No need to sign Brian Johnson’s petition

Name: Brian Johnson #33822037
Age: 47 years old
Race: African American
Raised: Baltimore Maryland… Read the rest

Judith Negron – 35 years – First offender received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020

Please sign Judith Negron’s petition

Name: Judith C. Negron #95719-004
Age: 48
Race: White (Hispanic)
Raised: Florida
Tried: Florida
Will Live: Florida
Charges: Initial Indictment: 1 Count of Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud
Superceeding Indictment with 24 counts … Read the rest

Maurice Clifton Sr. 33 years 4 months NOW FREE 12/10 due to First Step Act

Just spoke with Maurice Clifton who is FREE AT LAST!!!
Please sign Maurice Clifton’s petition

Name: Maurice Clifton Sr. #28332077
DOB: June 24, 1965
Age: 53
Raised: Mound Bayou, Mississippi
Tried: Northern District of Mississippi
Will Live: Mound … Read the rest

Russell Ellis – Life + 5 years 1st offender

Russell J. Ellis
Chicago IL or Irving Texas
CCE: Trial
Life + 5 years
23 years
File in 2012 denied 2016, put in another clemency 2017 pending
F.C.I. Greenville; Ms. G. Harris , Mr. … Read the rest

Amy Povah in Salon: “Is there hope…”

Back in the late ’80s, a few years into her marriage to her now ex-husband, Povah discovered that he had been involved in an international ecstasy business. He asked her to handle some “financial matters” for him while he was … Read the rest

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