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Ex-NFL player asks Trump to release Marcus Paige – we think he’s innocent!

Amy Povah, who leads the CAN-DO Foundation, says she confirmed with the policy advocate who is serving as a conduit that Paige’s letter was sent to the White House on Wednesday. The advocate did not respond to requests for … Read the rest

Marcus Paige – 1st Offender – 25 years – NOW FREE due to Compassionate release filed by John Albanes through FAMM/NACDL clearing house!

Washington Examiner focuses on the compelling case of Marcus Paige supported by his uncle and NFL former football player Anthony Paige.

Name: Marcus A Paige #34614007
Age: 41
Race: Black Male
Raised: Washington, DC
Tried: Washington, DC
Will Read the rest

Roberta Bell – 1st Time Offender – Serving LIFE

Roberta only

Please sign Roberta Bell’s petition

Name: Roberta Ronique Bell #08116-067
DOB: Sept. 4, 1971
Race: Black
Age: 52
Children: Three children – 2 girls and boy. Ashley, Gerrid, and Jazzmin
Two granddaughters – Riley and Riyan
State from:Read the rest

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