Month: August 2018

Michael Harris – 19 years 7 months – Clemency Granted 1/20/21

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Michael Ray Harris
DOB: 9/20/61
Age: 58
Raised: Los Angeles, California
Tried: California
Will live: California
Children: 2
Charges: District Court Case No: 8800972(B)-WJR; Count 1: 21 U.S.C 846 (conspiracy to Possess with … Read the rest

John Bolen – First Offender – Life – Clemency Granted 10/21/20

The CAN-DO Foundation is elated that President Trump has granted clemency to John Bolen so he can be reunited with his wife,  June and son John Bolen as well as the entire family including John’s grandmother who is in her

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Betty Jo Rains – 22 years – First Offense – NOW FREE due to First Step Act

Name: Betty Jo Rains #20446-017
Age: 60
Race: White
Raised: Florida
Case: Florida
Will live: Florida
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute more than 5 kilos of cocaine and possession of  firearms in the … Read the rest

David Diaz Jr. – 37 years to LIFE – First Offender – State of California

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David Angel Diaz, Jr.
DOB:  07/24/1979
Age: 39
Race: Hispanic
Raised: California
Tried: Van Nuys District of California
Will live: Downey, California
Charges:  David was convicted and sentenced to the following:
Count 1:  Attempted … Read the rest

Martha Garnica – 20 years – First offender- on home confinement

Name: Martha A. Garnica
DOB: 08-31-1966
Age: 53
Race: White (Hispanic -U.S. Citizen)
Raised: El Paso, Texas
Tried: Western District
Will live: El Paso, Texas
Charges: Conspiracy, marijuana, bribery
Sentence: 20 years
Sentenced on: 2009
Served: 10 years
Priors: First Read the rest

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