Month: August 2017

The Conspiracy Law – What you don’t know can hurt you…

CAN-DO Founder, Amy Ralston Povah got more time than her kingpin husband or anyone in his entire entire organization of smugglers and dealers even though she was the least culpable.  It’s convoluted and hard to believe, which is why we’ve … Read the rest

CAN-DO has a new petition on – PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!

We have started a new petition on seeking support for a reversal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions directive to escalate the drug war, seize more property, treat the opioid crisis as a criminal issue and allow the DEA to … Read the rest

President Trump, have mercy on women seeking “justice through clemency”

On August 25, President Trump granted former Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio a full pardon.  Strange since he has often said that illegal immigrants should never be permitted to leap frog over all the people waiting in line who have applied … Read the rest

Truthout quotes CAN-DO’s concern over militarization of BOP

The appointment of retired Army General Mark S. Inch to head the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is a major blow to those working for prison reform under Trump. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on August 1, 2017 that Inch … Read the rest

Podcast of #Cut50’s Jessica Sloan, Brittany Byrd and Amy Povah RE: Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act…

On August 3rd at 8:30 pm ET, Amy Povah, founder of the Clemency for All Nonviolent Drug Offenders (CAN-DO) Foundation, Jessica Jackson, #cut50 National Director & Co-Founder, and Brittany K. Barnett, #cut50 Fellow, discussed the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act.… Read the rest

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