The Conspiracy Law – What you don’t know can hurt you…

CAN-DO Founder, Amy Ralston Povah got more time than her kingpin husband or anyone in his entire entire organization of smugglers and dealers even though she was the least culpable.  It’s convoluted and hard to believe, which is why we’ve created a video using clips dating back to the 90s, from Court TV, Montel Williams and other media sources that covered Amy’s story, which sparked public outcry that resulted in a commutation of her sentence by President Clinton on July 7, 2000.

When Amy started the CAN-DO Foundation, it had a 2 prong mission.

1 To educate the public about the conspiracy law
2. Identify victims of the conspiracy law that are seeking ‘justice through clemency’ and advocate for them.

We’re very disturbed that Jeff Sessions is misleading the public by saying there are “no low level drug offenders” in federal custody. Most federal prisoners serving 10 years to life were charged with conspiracy and the least guilty typically do not get a deal because those with the most information, facing the longest sentences are quick to cut a deal and are favored by the prosecution. “First in-first out” is a common saying among those who understand the world of plea bargains because the first to cut a deal, get the best deal.

Amy is determined to expose what she often calls, “the best kept secret in the nation.”  Did you know that no tangible evidence is required to convict someone for a drug conspiracy case?  Only the word of a cooperating co-conspirator desperate to minimize their own prison sentence is necessary to convict a person indicted for conspiracy.  Even worse, once convicted, a defendant’s time is often based on the amount of drugs that cooperating witnesses claims were involved in the entire scope of the conspiracy.  This is called “ghost dope,” because no drugs were ever seized.   Amy learned about the conspiracy law the hard way and if her efforts will help others escape a similar demise, her incarceration was not in vain.

If you are still skeptical about the details of Amy’s case, please review the following affidavits provided by several co-conspirators that Amy submitted in her final appeal from almost all of the major participants in her case such as:  Affidavit of Charles “Sandy” PofahlAffidavit of Dr. KeyAffidavit of Tom BlackburnFirst Affidavit of Daniel BernardSecond Affidavit of Daniel BernardAffidavit of Jerry WilliamsonAffidavit of Cliff Cowles;

Stay tuned for more Op Eds, videos, stories about the conspiracy law and why we believe it’s important that everyone learns the truth about how drug cases are prosecuted because what you don’t know can hurt you.

Learn more about Amy Povah by going to our CAN-DO Founder page. 


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