Walter Johnson – Winner of EPIC “Meaning of Father’s Day” contest

Malik King – Founder of EPIC (End Prison Industrial Complex) conducted a contest among the male prisoners he corresponds with and asked them to write what Father’s Day meant to them.  Congratulations to Walter Tut Johnson, Maurice Navarro Brooks and Vincent Lee Twiggs 

Walter with his boyhood friend, Mike Tyson


What Does Father’s Dat Mean To Me; by Walter Tut Johnson

Father’s Day is a tribute to the men that have matured in their thoughts, words, and deeds.

It’s a token of love and celebration to those men who are respected, held in honor, and recognized for their leadership and devotion to their families.

It is a toast of recognition to those men who are heroes in the eyes of those who depend upon them, and confirmation that being a patriarch parallels with empathy, compassion and humility.

A father is strong enough to chase away danger and wise enough to out-wit the wicked.  He is the first to sacrifice and the last to eat.

The best qualified father’s are often like the PHOENIX; reborn from the mistakes of their destructive behavior.

Father’s Day means using past and present experiences to pave a path that compliments and completes the cycle of life and love.


Fathers are Beautiful; by Maurice Navarro Brooks 

A Father’s love is understanding. It’s patient, yet, also sacrificial. His spirit is a testament of where he’s been and where he’s going. His life is not defined by his mistakes but rather by his accountability and how he chose to grow from poor decisions made. Life’s a journey.  One that a Father has to navigate not only for himself but also his family.

 While it’s a Mothers natural given gift to nurture society it’s a Fathers role to shape it. We build and protect, and provide structure and knowledge that’s passed on generationally which defines our Legacy!

A Father knows sharing an opinion is optional. Yet, sharing his love in not. It’s not a Father’s place to be right, but to be loving. It’s about waking up every morning, setting out to provide and being a living example of not only a Father’s, but a Man’s obligation and responsibility to himself and those around him.

A Father is a simple-complex being who listens to reason and logic and knows himself. He’s the essence of self-determination. His eyes display hope. His discipline-mercy. His forgiveness- a new beginning. His generosity- Heaven.
The world rests on the shoulders of Fathers and blossoms in the hands of its Mother’s!!!
By MNB!!!!!
What Father’s Day Means to Me; by Vincent Lee Twiggs
When I first became a father,  holding this little, itty bitty, tiny, precious, and beautiful life in my arms, I knew my whole world was about to change. It’s funny how one moment can change a million after it. I knew it was my job to provide stability, security, love and affection. Even though I was young, I dove right into it. Being a father softened my heart. It gave me a different perspective and a better understanding of tha things my parents use to teach me. I enjoy being tha reason my children smile.  It’s amazing how they seem to be so small and precious and grow right before your eyes. Like where did that time go? It’s been a blessing to watch them grow and instill good morals and values in them. My children make me proud! Every chance I see them, speak to them and listen to them, I know that I did something right in my life. I let them know how much of a blessing they are to me. How much I love and adore them. It’s important for me to know what’s on their minds. What’s going on in their lives. Help them stay on tha right track. Try to keep them from making tha mistakes I’ve made. Being a father to me is to ALWAYS put my children before myself. To be tha support to help accomplish their goal & dreams. No matter how old they get,or how grown they THINK  they are, they will ALWAYS be my babies. Father’s Day to me is a day to celebrate my blessings.-(My children).
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