CAN-DO Foundation communicates directly with every prisoner on our site

Since 2000, Amy Ralston Povah, president and Founder of CAN-DO Foundation has advocated on behalf of others seeking justice through clemency.  The CAN-DO Foundation website does not collect or compile the information on this site by surfing the internet.  We communicate directly with almost every prisoner and/or their family members on the CAN-DO website.  In addition to the prisoners profiled on this site, we communicate with approximately 350 prisoners serving time in federal prisoners.   If you are interested in being put in direct communication with a prisoner on this site, or wish to focus on a particular case, please contact us, using our contact link.

We also have a Guardian Angel program that provides volunteers who communicate directly with prisoners.  For more information, go to our Guardian Angel Program page:  We always need more Guardian Angels interested in writing prisoners who need an advocate.

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