Month: May 2015

Andy Cox – Life for Pot is NOW FREE due to Compassionate release!

Andy Cox was Serving Life for Pot and walked out of prison on 1/6/20. We are elated for Andy and his family!!! 

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Name: Andrew Cox, #89487-020
Children: 3
Born and Raised: Vero … Read the rest

Antonio Bascaro – Served 39 years for pot – NOW FREE!

Antonio was #1 on Top 25 men deserving of clemency because he has served more time for pot than anyone in the nation.  But, today, May 1st he walked out of prison and into the arms of his loving family!
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Charles “Fred” Cundiff – Received Clemency – 12/18/2015

We are happy to announce that Charles Cundiff serving life for pot won the clemency lottery.  On Jan. 12th, he arrived at a half-way house and could use financial assistance and clothes to start a new life.   Thank you Pres.

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