Join the CAN-DO Guardian Angel Program

Join the CAN-DO Guardian Angel Program

Amy Povah of the CAN-DO Foundation has teamed up with additional clemency recipients, such as Jason Hernandez, Ramona Brant, Shauna Barry Scott, Angie Jenkins and more to assist clemency applicants seeking mercy through clemency by launching the Guardian Angel program.  In essence, clemency recipients are working together to help their fellow brothers and sisters who were left behind in their struggle to obtain freedom by receiving a commutation of sentence from President Obama.


This combination of those in need, plus good samaritans expressing a desire to get involved has germinated into the CAN-DO Guardian Angel Program.  This will last until one of two things occur.  Your clemency applicant receives their own set of wings in the form of clemency, or, President Obama leaves office, at which point we hope your applicant is on the final list.

Currently we have 40 Guardian Angels assisting 55 clemency applicants.  This program allows us to be more efficient, organized and hands on for clemency applicants who have their petitions in the pipeline and deserve every opportunity we can afford to enhance their chances of reuniting their families and moving past the stigma of their darkest hour.

Clemency Recipients Who Speak Out On Behalf of Clemency Applicants

Jason Hernandez – Archangel
Ramona Brant – Archangel
Shauna Barry-Scott – Archangel
Norman Brown – Archangel
Dorothy Marie Gaines – Archangel
Angie Jenkins – Archangel
Trevis Love – Archangel
Ricky McCall- Archangel
Barbra Scrivner – Archangel

Guardian Angels Paired with Clemency Applicants: 

April Anderson – Dicky Joe Jackson – received clemency on 3/3/2016
Georgean Arsons – Luke Scarmazzo and Ricardo Montes
Sue Barrow – Mother and Cherub for Joe Jackson and Donna McDaniel – both received clemency!
Aicha Bascaro – Antonio Bascaro
Adrian Bernard – Sister/cherub of Danielle Metz Angel – received clemency on 8/30/16
Shauna Barry-Scott – Rhonda Turpin, Aisha Hall, Andrea James
Jazzmine Brianne – Roberta Bell
Darlene Buenerostro – Aaron Sandusky
Anrica Caldwell – Dave Barren and Charceil Kellam received clemency on 3/3/16
Nora Callahan – Cherub for Dicky Joe Jackson – Joe received clemency 3/3/16
Debi Cambell – Melissa Trigg
Janice Cedar – Patricia Albright
Roseanne Clausen – Adam Clausen
Beth Curtis – John Knock
Bette Herman Davis – Nancy Ferneau
Coco Davis – Michelle West
Tolesha Davis – Angela Wright
Phyllis Dunbar – Michael Pelletier
Joanna Ortega Escanilla – Crystal Munoz and Michael Holmes – Michael received clemency on 12/19/16
Kristin Flor – Andy Cox
Maurenne Griese – Gracie Walker and Terry Anderson – Terry received clemency on 1/19/17
Lisa Hanna – Lori Kavitz and Pauline Blake received clemency on 3/3/16
Connie Harr – Barbara Turner
Gleneisha Hayter – Daughter/cherub of Danielle Metz
Tretessa Johnson – Daughter/cherub Alice Johnson
Helen Jones – Cloretha Peak
Rita Juarez Aguila – Barbara Pachecho, Elizabeth Rushing, and Antonio Lopez received clemency on 3/3/16!!!
Susan Kimble – Cherub and Mother of Melissa Trigg
Malik King – Corvain Cooper, Karen Davis and Minnie Pearl Thomas clemency on 3/3/16
Louellyn Lambros – Patricia Clarke
Stephanie Landa – Cherub for Linda Byrnes
Lizette Ledesma – Josephine Ledezma received clemency on 3/3/16
Desiree Logan Daughter/cherub Clinton Matthews – received clemency on 12/19/16

Jodi Loretta – Rose Summers and Deneise Quantinella – Deneise recieved clemency on 1/17/17
Therese Magee – Clarissa Burgoon
Syrita Steib-Martin – Danielle Metz – received clemency 8/30/16
Veronica “Ronnie” Martinez – Paul Free, Craig Cesal
Lynne Matthew – Sister/cherub Clinton Matthew
Leah Metzler – Lavonne Roach, Mandy Martinson and Donna McDaniel
Tracie Pike-Gloor – Linda Byrnes
Tray Rock – Tynice Hall, Lashonda Hall
Topeka Sam – Alice Johnson
Rhea Taylor –  James Hall and Tommy Martinez received clement on 3/3/16
Markia Sykes – Clinton Matthews
Stacey Theis – Michael Knight, Jimmy Romans
Julie Torres-Deluna – Rita Beccera and Cynthia Shank – Cynthia received clemency on 11/22/16
Carrie Tyler – Tim Tyler – Tim received clemency on 8/30/16
Cheryl Ward – Santra Rucker, Cheryl Howard and Alice Johnson
Jamika Rose Watts – Roberta Bell, Clinton Matthews
Diana Webb – Lori Kavitz
Patricia Williams – Michael Montalvo

All Angels must join Facebook so we can communicate on a private Facebook Page that will keep everyone informed and provide instructions, advice and answer questions.  We still have applicants who need a Guardian Angel if you want to volunteer, or know someone who does.  We can assign you with an applicant or we will provide you with a few option to choose from.  This is a labor of love and compassion.  There will be no pay and your only reward will be knowing that you are helping someone in need.

You will need to communicate with the clemency applicant using email (Corrlinks) and/or phone and/or text (most prisons are now allowing prisoners to text) – please review our Guardian Angel Task Sheet

Amy, Ramona and Jason unite in D.C.

Amy, Ramona and Jason unite in D.C.

Who is heading up the Guardian Angel program?

amyExecutive Director of the program is CAN-DO Founder, Amy Povah.  Amy, and CAN-DO prison outreach coordinator, Malik King email approximately 300 prisoners, most of whom are seeking clemency and have a pending application.  Due to the overwhelming demands to provide these applicants with the tools they need to be successful, Amy realized she needed an army to assist CAN-DO with the herculean task of securing freedom for those who are among 10,000 applicants waiting in the clemency pipeline.  The response to assist has been overwhelming and we want to thank each and ever Guardian Angel who has accepted this challenge.

PR Director Ramona Brant recently granted an interview for her local TV station WSOC TV in Charlotte North Carolina that aired on July 4th. She talks about how President Obama saved her from a life sentence which would have required her to decease while incarcerated, and why clemency is such an important tool for President Obama to utilize to grant relief to others. She talked about the Guardian Angel program and the station encouraged people to get involved!

jasonJason Hernandez was the first Latino to receive clemency from President Obama and has been emphasizing the need for more hispanics to be set free, especially Latinas. He co-founded Crack Open the Door to help raise awareness and spotlight people seeking clemency and wrote an Op Ed for Fusion entitled Why hasn’t President Obama granted clemency to a single Latina inmate?  The article focused on Josephine Ledezma and Rita Becerra who are on the CAN-DO Top 25.  His case has been featured in more media outlets and publications than we can count.  Jason has limitless energy and passion when it comes to assisting others who are seeking justice through clemency. This video captures Jason’s freedom.

RamonaClemency Recipient Ramona Brant, who had the extraordinary opportunity to meet, and have lunch with President Obama, is the Public Relations Director of the Guardian Angel Program. Ramona has been to the White House on four separate occasions and has spoken on numerous clemency panels and on Capitol Hill. Ramona is a domestic abuse survivor and mentors women who have been in bad relationships about ways to break the cycle. Her story was featured in Fusion and filmed Ramona’s first day of freedom.

anricaAnrica Caldwell is the Guardian Angel Program Supervisor. She has been an educator for the Pittsburgh Public Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 21 years, focusing on students with special needs for the past 8 years. Anrica holds a M.A. in Special Education from Slippery Rock University, a M.A. in Reading from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. in Elementary Education. After seeing prior students, friends, and family members lose their lives to the penal system, Anrica began this current journey by assisting, writing, and becoming a spokesperson for a family member serving a LIFE sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

Plus, numerous clemency recipients, such as Angie Jenkins, Barbra Scrivner, Shauna Barry-Scott and others are lending their support, either by speaking out for clemency applicants, volunteering to be a Guardian Angel, or be mentoring family members of applicants who need guidance or mental support during this time of high-anxiety as we all anxiously enter the home stretch leading up to the end of President Obama’s term.

If you don’t have time to be a Guardian Angel but want to help with the cause in some other way, we are open to suggestions.  Some of the best ideas are the ones we have not yet thought of.  Please contact us using this link. CAN-DO Foundation 

Check back soon – this campaign is a work in progress.




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