Gracie Ann Walker – 24 years 2 months Received on 8-30!!!


Gracie sent Amy Povah with CAN-DO this message:                                    PRIASE GOD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS JUST NOTIFIED THAT I AM ON THE LIST OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S. THE ONLY STIPULATION IS THAT I HAVE TO DO RDAP OR AT LEAST SIGNED UP BY 8/11/18… Read the rest

Charles “Fred” Cundiff – Received Clemency – 12/18/2015

We are happy to announce that Charles Cundiff serving life for pot won the clemency lottery.  On Jan. 12th, he arrived at a half-way house and could use financial assistance and clothes to start a new life.   Thank you Pres.

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What do I need and how much will it cost to make “Life for Pot” posters?

1. Choose which size poster you want to make.  We have graphics available for two sizes: a full size foam board poster (20X30), or … Read the rest

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