CAN-DO Foundation

CAN-DO Foundation was started by Amy Ralston Povah after she received clemency from President Clinton on July 7, 2000

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda – serving Life for Pot – has sadly deceased!

Leopoldo passed away in prison – he is at peace and we honor his memory!

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda

NAME: Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda 81659-071
SENTENCE: Life Without Parole
AGE: 80
SERVED: Over 23 years
Sentenced: 1993
INSTITUTION: FMC Butner, PO Box 1600, Butner, … Read the rest

Elizabeth “Beth” Cronan – 28 Years – IS NOW FREE! Receives 2 pt reduction!

Congratulations to Beth who is now FREE!

beth_cronan_clemency_lgElizabeth “Beth” Cronan

Age: 54
Race: White
Children: 3 children – 7 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy to Manufacture with intent to Distribute Meth
Priors: First Offense
Sentence: 28 years
Sentenced: 1998
Served: 16 years… Read the rest

Irma Alred – 30 Years for Pot – is NOW FREE – Drugs Minus Two!

Irma was released on Oct 30th and moved to Corpus Christi, Texas to live with her family.  Thanks to Drugs Minus Two, she got 70 months taken off her 30 year sentence.

Irma Alred is NOW FREE and called Amy … Read the rest

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