Elizabeth “Beth” Cronan – 28 Years – IS NOW FREE! Receives 2 pt reduction!

Congratulations to Beth who is now FREE!

beth_cronan_clemency_lgElizabeth “Beth” Cronan

Age: 54
Race: White
Children: 3 children – 7 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy to Manufacture with intent to Distribute Meth
Priors: First Offense
Sentence: 28 years
Sentenced: 1998
Served: 16 years
Release Date: was 12/31/2022 – now 11/1/2015
Health: Super Ventricular Tachycardia; B12 deficiency that requires shots
Prison Conduct: Only petty infractions
Accomplishments: Endless Amazing Achievements listed below
Clemency: Filled out the survey for Clemency Project 2014
Institution: Lexington, FMC

Beth Cronan Graduation Photo

Beth Cronan Graduation

Beth had a wonderful life growing up as an only child in a loving middle class family. After she graduated, she went to work for her father as a dental technician. Eventually Beth got married, had a family and moved to Florida to live the all American dream. Everything was just that, until her husband divorced her and the bottom fell out. Eventually Beth sought help and was treated for clinical depression, but there was no remedy.

In time, Beth started dating a man and within months, he introduced her to crystal meth. According to Beth, “All of a sudden, I had tons of energy, lost a few pounds and there were so many extra hours in the day. Within a few months, I was hopelessly addicted.” Beth lost her job, neglected her children and everything fell apart. Beth’s new life consisted of moving from house to house and the crowd of people she met were making their own version of a low-grade meth. Beth learned that several were felons and she was an outsider, due to her naivete. Little did Beth know this crowd was under investigation by the DEA and it wasn’t long before she was arrested with the crowd in an abandoned house. Although her co-conspirators all had lengthy criminal histories, and Beth took her attorney’s advise and was the first to plead guilty, she ended up with more than four times the sentence that her co-conspirators because they all accused Beth of being the “master cook.”

Beth was pregnant when she was arrested and had the baby in shackles. The child was adopted within 24 hours of her birth.

A few words about Beth from her Mother, Jeanne:

During the past 16 years, I have been with my daughter, Beth, every step of the way, encouraging her when she thought there was no tomorrow, telling her to BELIEVE that there will be a day when she would come home. I have been her main support, both emotionally and financially. At 84 years old, I pray that Beth will be released in my lifetime. That day is what I continue to live for.


Beth Cronan and family


Beth’s Mother Jeanne

When Beth was born, I was amazed at this miracle God had given me; she was to be my only child, which made her even more precious. All my hopes and dreams wrapped up in one small package. And Beth has never disappointed me. Beth became sort of invisible to her children and  grandchildren. Even though I can’t understand not visiting their Mom during these past twelve years, Beth understands that they have their own lives to live. I keep her informed with notes about them and photos, too. But nothing I can say or do will ever take the place of the human touch Beth has been denied. My human touch can’t take their place.

Often, as the years pass, an inmate becomes a distant memory. But my hope is that when Beth comes home, they all will be reunited as one happy family unit. Beth means the world to me. From her first days, she has been a ray of sunshine in my life. I need that again.

Beth knows she did wrong and she has tried to use this confinement time in constructive endeavors. I believe she has done that, and will continue to live in a way that honors the faith I have had in her. That faith has never wavered. During these past 16 years, I know that Beth has been rehabilitated and is ready to rejoin her family. I can only hope that those in power believes this too. And will send Beth home.

Thank you,

Jeanne Franse
– Beth’s Mom who loves her.

Beth has made the most of this horrible situation and here are a list of her achievements:

At Carswell FMC:

* Beth earned a Associate Degree in Business Administration. (This included studies in managing accounting; micro/macro economics, business law, intro bvusiness, all things in accounting.)
* Dental Tech Apprentice, lab tech until they stopped the dental program there.
* Legal Secretary Apprentice.
* Graduated from the Change Program and gave a speech.
* Took part in many Psych and Religious Programs.
* 200 Hour Drug Program.

At Danbury FCI:

* Dog Handler in the program to train Service Animals (until she slipped on the ice and broke her arm. The arm was never treated correctly and is still not right.)
* Performed the office work connected with a Federal Contract. Again Beth slipped and broke her ankle and foot on the ice and had to give up that job.

Lexington FMC-Atwood Hall Camp:

Beth was assigned to the kitchen and became aware of the special projects for various service groups in Lexington. She volunteered to do all the decorations and her mother sent her all the materials at her own expense. Beth spent many hours completing this task and received lots of congratulations for her efforts.

Beth is a perfect candidate for clemency.

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