Month: August 2019

Ronnie Lauderdale Life + 30 was given TIME SERVED due to compassionate release!

Name: Ronnie Lauderdale

Clemency #: 288213
DOB: 1-18-57
Race: African American
Marital Status: Married – 30 years
Age: 63
Children: 2 Children; 1 son deceased; 1 daughter
Will Live: Arkansas w/ wife … Read the rest

Aaron Sandusky’s medical marijuana nightmare – told by Reason

Aaron Sandusky’s case represents everything that is wrong with cannabis prohibition. Reveal’s video by Zach Weissmueller is a must watch for anyone working within the legal cannabis space. If this can happen to Aaron, it can happen to anyone.

When … Read the rest

REVEAL’s “Pardon Me” featuring Charles “Duke” Tanner and CAN-DO

CAN-DO’s Amy Ralston Povah was interviewed for the “Pardon Me” episode on Reveal and connected the producer with one of our favorite clemency applicants – Charles Tanner. Listen to “Pardon Me” here.

We start by meeting Charles “Duke” Tanner, a … Read the rest

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