Watch the CAN-DO video of clemency recipients and applicants in front of the White House – 2016

CAN-DO was tasked with the almost impossible job of creating a film for the events surrounding the White House Briefing on Life After Clemency.  CAN-DO and Harm Reduction Productions teamed up with Earthstream Media to produce a video of that would put a face on the invisible lives of prisoners seeking clemency.  We asked family member to send in footage of themselves talking about their loved ones seeking clemency and we interviewed clemency recipients talking about the importance of clemency.  We were not able to use all the footage that was sent to us but we will try to add more stories and make the individual segments of each family seeking relief for their family member available to them so they can utilize it in their on-going efforts to garner support for their loved ones.  Please note that Anna Reynolds, speaking about her father had no idea her father would receive clemency on 3/30 only a few weeks after she recorded herself for this film. Also, Norman Underwood speaks about clemency for his friend Duane Walker in front of the White House only 5 days before Duane received clemency!!!  Together we CAN-DO this!  The clock is ticking – get involved!!! The password to watch this video is “candoclemency”  minus the quotations.  Thank you!

Amy and Norman_WH

Clemency recipients included in this video:
Ramona Brant
Norman Brown
Jason Hernandez
Barbra Scrivner (will be adding her speaking soon)
Amy Ralston Povah

Family Members of Clemency Applicants:
Beth Curtis

Clemency Applicants with their loved ones speaking on their behalf:
Angela Wright
Patricia Albright
Lauren Cesal on behalf of Craig Cesal
Lisa Angelos on behalf of Weldon Angelos
Lavonne Roach’s Mother speaking on held behalf
Melissa Trigg’s mother and step father
William Underwood’s daughter Ebony Underwood
Tretessa Johnson speaking on behalf of Alice Johnson
Dicky Joe Jackson’s entire family – 3 children and his wife.
Luke Scarmazzo’s parents and his daughter, Jasmine Scarmazzo
Lazara Ordaz speaking on behalf of her mother, Lazara Ordaz

Please help us bring these wonderful people home to their families.

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