Watch our 7 minute video of women who have received clemency!!!

The CAN-DO Foundation is a 501(c) (3) that operates on a volunteer basis.  Not one person working for CAN-DO receives a salary.  We are small group of formerly incarcerated people.  Most the people in our Guardian Angel program are formerly incarcerated or a family member of a clemency applicant who currently has a clemency petition pending.  And, we could use your help! We have NO BENEFACTOR, have never applied for a grant and have limited funds, but we have unlimited passion!

The CAN-DO Foundation has performed THREE CAN-DO White House vigils and we will conduct another one on Sept 16th, 2016.   Less than 5% of the clemency recipients have been women.  We have identified so many deserving women, who received a long sentence based on the actions of a husband or boyfriend.  Please watch this video and consider donating to the CAN-DO Foundation.  Check out our list of the Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency 

We also advocate for men and have a Top 25 Men who Deserve Clemency, so we do not exclusively advocate for women, however, we are concerned that there have not been more women receiving clemency.  We hope there will be an uptick in the future, but there are only 21 weeks left to reunite so many deserving women and men with their families.

Please browse our website and read the many articles, Opinion Editorials written by Amy Povah and upcoming events.

Amy Povah is featured in a new documentary that will premiere on September 15th at Georgetown University entitled Incarcerating US.  Stay tuned for more details and if you wish to attend the world premiere, please send us an email.

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