Therese Crepeau – IS NOW FREE – thanks to the 2 pt reduction




Therese Crepeau was #9 on Top 25

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Age: 44 years
Race: Asian American
Sentenced: Feb 1994
Sentence: 35 years, reduced to 26 years 10 months
Release Date: July 2017
Priors: Misdemeanors – DUI, Trespassing
Prison Conduct: Clear conduct
Accomplishments: Participation in numerous programs of excellence including outreach to women and youth at risk in addition to drug treatment and anger management courses.
Clemency Petition: Filed with the Pardon Office and filled out the survey.


From Therese:

This is the middle of my 21st year in Federal Prison; I was sentenced to 35 years for a crack/cocaine conspiracy. I was convicted for a crime that held a 16 years, 3-month sentence.  I wasn’t eligible for a reduction under the Crack Law because of the drug amounts/ratios I was sentenced to, but my judge awarded me 98 months off because of Amendment 505 and my sentence is now 26 years, 10 months.

I have used the time to my advantage by learning the tools that will help me live a better life than the one I left behind; although I hated that life I felt trapped in it.  That was so long ago though; feels like another lifetime and I am different person!!! I was in a community outreach program while in TX called Share; we spoke with at-risk women and girls in the community. I spoke to hundreds of girls and women about the mistakes I made and what they can do differently so they don’t end up taking the path that I was on which led me to prison. Our program got awards for volunteer programs on the community and state levels and even a “Point of Light” presidential nod once! I know what its like to be young and in trouble and feel you have no where to go and/or no one you can trust. I want to help kids like them I once I am released. I was a very successful speaker in the program and plan on finding a way to do that kind of work when I finally regain my freedom, which I now realize is a precious gift that most people take for granted.

Therese with Chris and his sons, waiting to build a life together

Therese with Chris and his sons, waiting to build a life together

I didn’t have children before my arrest, and after so many years in prison, I’m no longer in a place in my life where I would consider trying to raise a child. Sometimes the consequences of our actions exceed our prison terms by far. Not only have I lost most of my youth, but I also lost the opportunity to have a child of my own. Despite this loss, I have been blessed beyond measure through my fiancé, Chris.  Chris was my high school sweetheart who found out about my situation after he got out of the Marine Corps. We began corresponding in 2001-2002, and kept in touch over the years and fell in love again about 3 years ago.  Chris has stood by me, and fought this fight with me as though it were his own. He has been my hero!! Not only has the love of my life been waiting for me, but through him I have been given a family of my own because his sons, Steven (14) and Christian (11) are waiting for me as well. I love them as if they were my own and they love me too! And for me, the most precious gift of all is having Chris and the boys waiting for me to come home!

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