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Susana Cruz

Susana Cruz (third from left, with her daughter and two grandchildren) is 56 years old, serving her 7th year of a 14-year sentence for Conspiracy to Distribute cocaine. For a short period, Susana merely dated Juan Valdez, who was involved in the trafficking and distribution of cocaine and due to her involvement with him, the prosecutor alleged that she was a participant, even though records verify that she punched a time-clock and was working in L.A. when certain damning allegations placed her in Alaska at the same time. Valdez recently provided Susana with an affidavit verifying that she was not involved in his drug dealing and he refuted the government’s evidence against her.

Susana filed for clemency in December of 2002.

Susana’s message

Due to my unfortunate destiny of becoming involved with a charming man, my whole life has changed. This whole situation has destroyed my life and devastated the lives of my children. My main objective is to keep myself from going crazy until I am able to reunite with my family. When I think of the pain and suffering that they are going through I get so depressed but I know I must try to uplift their spirits when we speak. I don’t want to be more of a burden than I already am so I pretend that I am doing fine and am faithful that God will answers our prayers.

For me, it is very hard to know that everyone I love is suffering and that I brought this on in any way. They are living this prison sentence with me and I feel as if I have brought shame upon our family. That they have to deal with me being in prison is a curse upon my entire family. There are times when I wish I could turn back time and plead guilty even though I was not guilty of the charges the government alleged about me. My attorney told me that the prosecutor was willing to send me to a half-way house if I would merely plead guilty. The only reason why I didn’t take that deal is because I wasn’t guilty and I believed the United States Judicial System was fair and just. Only an idiot would turn down a deal like that if they were factually guilty.

I hope and pray that someone will review my case and determine that there is evidence that should have been presented in my defense to directly refute the testimony of several government informants. I provided documentation that proved I was at work when allegations against me were made, but my lawyer would not even object or show any interest in preparing for my defense. I pray with all my heart that someone will care enough to look at my case and the facts and determine that I am not deserving of this long sentence of 14 years. I pray every day for justice.

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