Reisa Pettiette – 20 years – Clemency Granted on Oct 27th!


Reisa Pettiette received clemency on October 27, 2016

Reisa’s co-defendant, Tommy Johnson also received clemency.

Name: Reisa Pettiette
DOB: 02-11-64
RACE: Caucasian
Marital Status: divorced
Age: 52
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 10
Charge: Conspiracy with intent to Manufacture Meth.
Sentence: 20 years
Started Sentence: 11-2003
Priors: DWI
Prison Conduct: GOOD.
Clemency Status: Granted!!!!!
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation, family
Institution: Carswell FT. Worth, TX
Accomplishments: Cosmetology Operator, Cosmetology Instructor, Business Certificate TCC College




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