Huffpost Op Ed on conspiracy law by Amos Irwin

Amos Irwin reached out to CAN-DO for input regarding the conspiracy law for an Op Ed he authored for Huffpost.  He focused heavily on Barbra Scrivner, profiled on the CAN-DO site for years leading up to Barbra Scrivner’s long overdue freedom and justice through clemency.  Exposing the dark side of the conspiracy law and how it is used to ensnare wives and girlfriends is part of the CAN-DO Mission statement and Irwin does a fantastic job covering why there must be scrutiny of these cases.  Read the entire op ed here. 

Excerpt: “Why did the jury convict Barbra [Scrivner] of crimes she did not commit? When Barbra refused to cooperate, Dealy-Browning did not want to back out of her threat to send Barbra to prison for decades, because that would damage her credibility. So she did everything she could to convict her, including offering other offenders deals to testify against her. At Barbra’s trial, low-level drug dealers whom she had never met took the stand and testified that she had sold them drugs.”

Read Irwin’s entire Op Ed: 

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