Elizabeth “Beth” Cronan – 28 Years – Receives 2 Point Reduction!

beth_cronan_clemency_lgCongratulations to Beth Cronan #14 on the Top 25.  Beth’s mother, Jeanne, wrote to CAN-DO’s Amy Povah, to say she is beside herself with joy.  Her dream to hold Beth in her arms again will finally come true.

The 2 point reduction (Drugs Minus Two) reduced  Beth’s outdate from 12/31/2022 to Nov. 1, 2015.  Just think about that.  That’s SEVEN years off her sentence, but it also means she will be out and probably home this Christmas, surrounded by family, love, happiness and all her favorite food!  The little things in life become so amazingly huge when they are absent from one’s life. She may get out sooner depending on how soon they can get her placed in a half-way house.


Beth sent this email to CAN-DO, minus personal information:
I am so excited and nervous and happy at the same time. My new out date is Nov. 1, 2015.

So….hopefully everything will go fast and this will be over at last by nov. 1 at the latest.
As soon as the relocation is approved (case manager) will get me a bed at the halfway house and they have beds right now.

I never want to forget or leave people behind like everyone else does. well…everyone but you.
thanks for everything.

Love beth

ps. When I get out, maybe someday I could do something to help you.



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