Daniel Longoria – 30 year sentence for marijuana – first offense


Name: Daniel Longoria, Reg. #48291-177
DOB: November 20, 1965
Race: Hispanic
Raised: Brownfield, Texas
Tried:  Northern District of Texas
Will live: Brownfield, Texas
Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute 200-400 Kilos Marijuana
Trial or plea: Went to Trial.
Sentence: 30 years
Sentenced on: August 19, 2015
Served: 7 years
Priors: First Offender
Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports, programs and has worked from day one.
Clemency status:  Pending.
Release date: February 6, 2040.
Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Lisa Jacobi.




  • Earned GED 3/2016
  • Drug Education completed 11/2016
  • Spiritual Growth Self Study
  • Anger Management
  • Outstanding Record for last 7 years
  • Amazing Artist

According to Daniel:

I come from a loving family of 6. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My oldest brother Joe is 57, me 55, Martha 52 who died of COVID last year, Sandra 48, then Tracy 45, and last Robert 42. I have 4 children and 2 grandbabies. My children are Travis 28, Tate 26, Lexy 17 and Xavier is 12. All wonderful kids. My mother is 75 years of age now and has suffered a great deal since my incarceration. She cries daily. Since incarceration I have lost my sister Martha Cantu, and my stepdad who was my mom’s husband, both to COVID this past November,2020. My heart aches for my mother cause of all she has endured through the last 7 years I have been incarcerated. I am her rock and her emotional support, and when I was out there her financial support as well.

Part of my recovery since being in here is to reach out to all those who were hurt and have asked for their forgiveness for my mistakes; I am truly remorseful. When I say everyone, this is not just my family but the families of those that were affected too. I am happy to say that they were forgiving, and I cannot be happier they were. I did not see at the time, all pain I was causing; I was selfish and was self-centered. I have learned a lot from being in here. 

I have always been close to God and was always having my children at Church way before my arrest. However, I have grown even closer to the Lord. I have received College credits for some of the programs I have completed, including all the classes I have taken here. I have also maintained a job from the time I entered these gates. I have earned my GED as well. I am a pillar to this facility. I am a mentor to many who need some support spiritually and emotionally or moral support. Many know me here as a Man of God…A Child of God…I led the prayer circle before the pandemic; I am still helping those who want and need help. I see many in here though that need actual drug rehabilitation, too many young people. I do my best to teach these men how to use their God given skills to a legal means of how to open a business and make something better out of their lives. I am planting seeds for the Lord. I have learned so much since being down for 7 years. I have also seen a lot that has broken my heart and wish I could do more. Some things though are left for God and God alone. I am sure you understand.

If given clemency by President Biden I would forever value his mercy. He will never regret it.

Release plan:

Housing: If released on clemency, Mr. Longoria has a loving and caring family who are committed to assisting him in a successful reentry to society.  He also has many friends in the community who plan to assist him as well.  He would return to Texas to live with is Sister, Tracy Cavazos at 1010 E. Repetto Street, Brownfield, Texas 79316.

Employment: Mr. Longoria is a highly skilled mechanic and can work in any auto place repairing and modifying cars.  He also has experience as a CNC Machinist working with metal.  He plans on seeking employment immediately upon release to be able to provide and care for his family.

Medical:  Mr. Longoria plans to secure medical insurance through his employer.  He will need to do this so that he can maintain his health and be sure he remains cancer free.

Community/Church: Mr. Longoria plans to attend a place of worship as soon as he can find religious community within the Brownfield area.

Below are some photos of the amazing paintings Mr. Longoria has done.

Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.