CAN-DO worked with BBC on article about Family Members of Clemency Applicants

BBC reporter Jessica Lussenhop contacted the CAN-DO Foundation seeking insight to worked together for over a year after Jessica contacted CAN0DO seeking a connection to clemency applicants.   Jessica wanted to communicate with several prisoners over the course of many months to determine what it was like to be on a waiting list, hoping to hear you had been one of the lucky few, chosen for clemency, or passed over.

As a result, Jessica Lussenhop ultimately wrote about Miquelle West and Tretessa Johnson who were invited to the White House for a clemency summit, in the following article entitled: Inmate Families Hope for the Mercy of a President

Miquelle West dressing for a day at the White House

Miquelle West (daughter of Michelle West) dressing for a day at the White House


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