CAN-DO Pot Prisoners in Rolling Stone

CAN-DO worked with Tana Geneva to gather stories for her revealing article for Rolling Stone – click title and read the whole story:

Pot Prisoners: Meet Five Victims of the War on Drugs

This must-read exposes the ugly underbelly of the drug war by spotlighting five cases – four of which are on the CAN-DO site; good people serving outrageous sentences for marijuana that are mind-boggling, such as Meeko Thompson, Crystal Munoz, Andy Cox and Patricia Albright.

Patricia Albright

Conviction: Conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, and structuring currency transactions to evade federal reporting requirements
Sentence: Five and a half years
Facility: Federal Correctional Institution Dublin in California

Amy Povah, the head of CAN-DO for clemency says her case is a perfect example countering Sessions’ Department of Justice line on pot.

“Patricia’s case establishes that the public cannot trust the current propaganda coming from Jeff Sessions’ Dept of Justice that claims ‘all drug cases are inherently violent’ and that there are ‘no low level’ drug offenders in federal prison.” Povah says.

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