CAN-DO President Amy Ralston Povah in Episode 1 Podcast: Love vs DEA

Emanuel Sferios (Founder of Dance Safe) and co-host Tatiana Makovkin have kicked off a “risk reduction and benefit enhancement podcast reducing shame and stigma to save lives and end the drug war.”

For their first podcast, they interviewed Amy Ralston Povah who refused to “cooperate” and become a working informant for the government despite the looming threat of a 20 year to Life sentence for failure to comply with this mandate.  The ultimatum was that she would be indicted for conspiracy charges related to her estranged husband’s MDMA (Ecstasy) operation if she did not agree to help infiltrate the organization after his arrest in Germany.   Amy received clemency from President Clinton on July 7, 2000 after she has served over 9 years on a 24 year sentence for MDMA.

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